Wuhan express brother: I dare not touch my son for one month and order more instant noodles

 Wuhan express brother: I dare not touch my son for one month and order more instant noodles

Born in 1992, Yuan Shuang grew up in Wuhan and now serves as the station master of a distribution station in Hanyang District. After the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, he still insisted on delivering goods every day without telling his family.

In his area, there is a designated fever outpatient hospital - Wuhan fifth hospital. Every day, he would wait at the gate of the hospital on time, and the nurses who had finished the shift would come out to pick up the express delivery.

Pan Guozhen and Wu Qiang are couriers from other places, but they also stay in Wuhan this time.

Daily delivery of more than 100 orders, go home and fall asleep

Wu Qiang, born in 1988 in Heilongjiang Province, has been in Wuhan for 10 years. Before this years Spring Festival, parents who are far away from home also came to Wuhan to prepare to live here with their son in the future.

The outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia put the familys Spring Festival plan on hold.

Wu Qiang, who works at a distribution station in Jiangan District, hasnt had a rest since January. I was scheduled to go back to my hometown on the fifth day of the lunar new year, but I didnt rest because of the epidemic. Up to now, several colleagues at the site are not able to hold on to it all by perseverance.

Wu Qiang said that at present, there are nine couriers on duty at his site. On average, we need to send more than 100 orders every day, most of which are grain, oil, masks and disinfectant water. Im too busy to take a rest at all every day. I go out at 6:30 in the morning and go home at 8:00 in the evening. I often fall asleep when Im tired.

Pan Guozhens site is in Huangpi District. All the sites in the district add up to only 8 couriers still insist on delivery. We mainly send the list to tmall supermarket. There are many newly developed neighborhoods around. There are 30 or 40 large and small ones. There may be 700000 people in incomplete statistics, all of them are in our distribution range.

On weekdays, there are more than 20 couriers at Pan Guozhens site. In order to give everyone a chance to go home for the new year, only a few people are left on duty. During the Spring Festival, there were relatively few orders. If you were on duty, you could go home after delivering them. As a result, there was an epidemic situation. The order quantity increased a lot, but there were fewer people, and each person needed to deliver more areas and was more tired.

Compared with normal delivery, the delivery in these days is simple and difficult, Pan said.

Simply because more and more residential areas began to be closed management, not allowing couriers to enter the residential area, pan Guozhen and his colleagues only need to send things to the entrance of the residential area, instead of building by building.

The difficulty is precisely because the goods cant be delivered home. Pan Guozhen said: the present delivery is basically large goods. If it cant be delivered by car, the battery car and tricycle are actually limited each time. Moreover, when they are delivered to the gate of the community, how can the guests take them home is also a problem.

In order to solve this problem, he took a small trailer with him when delivering the goods later. If the customer ordered too much, he asked the customer to take the trailer home and wait at the gate of the community for the other party to return the car.

The masks delivered in the express cabinet

In order to reduce the contact as much as possible, the gate of the community has become the place where the courier connects with most of the guests. Occasionally, some guests ask them to put things in the express cabinet, and then pick them up when they have time.

Among them, there may be disrespect, but most of them are people living in Wuhan who care about each others health.

Pan Guozhen remembers receiving a phone call that day. The customer said that he saw the order was being delivered, and wanted him to put it directly in the express cabinet. Dont wait for him to pick it up. It turns out that the mask prepared by the guest at home is not enough, so I dare not go out these days. I can only pick up the express delivery after its more than 10 oclock at night, and there is no one in the community.

At present, most of us go shopping on foot. If we dont have masks on hand, we cant go out.

Find out the original reason, pan Guozhen promised the guest that when he came to the community to deliver goods the next day, he would help to bring two masks and put them in the express cabinet, and ask him to pick them up.

Its not how many masks pan Guozhen had in advance, but because before that, he and his colleagues had received goodwill from other guests.

At that time, the site received a package, which was a mask, but the delivery address was left vague, so we called the customer specifically to confirm. As a result, the customer said that he bought this box of masks specially, just for the express delivery of the site, he thought it was not easy for us to insist on delivery every day, and let us do our own protection.

Therefore, when hearing that there are guests who cant even go out to buy necessities because they dont have masks, pan Guozhens first reaction is to pass on the goodwill. Later, he (the guest) received the mask and called to thank us. Im very happy, too.

Wu Qiang also received a phone call or a text message from the customer before the delivery, saying that he was not very comfortable and was afraid of infecting the courier, so he didnt need to deliver the ordered goods. The courier could keep them for his own use.

After receiving such a call, Wu Qiang felt a little complicated. On the one hand, he thanked the guests for their consideration, and on the other hand, he worried about the health of the guests. All the old employees who have worked for three or four years are staying on duty. Everyone has feelings with the customers in the jurisdiction. Every time I receive such a call, I will tell the customer that the goods have been rejected by him, and I will receive a refund in these days. When he is well, if you need this product again, I will send it to him.

Waiting at the back door of the hospital

As long as an order is placed, it must be delivered. It is the commitment of couriers based on their profession, and it is also their concern for the city that they run every day.

Pan Guozhen said that in addition to food, water and other daily necessities, the most things he distributed these days are masks, disinfectant and other anti epidemic supplies. In order to ensure that these supplies can reach the customers hands as soon as possible, the company has made special marks on the outside of each mask package.

Now the offline masks are almost out of stock. Many guests are waiting for this package. These days, there are basically no cars on the streets of Wuhan. We need to purchase necessities, and we can only use battery cars or walk there, but no matter which way, we must wear masks. If we dont, what do they do?

Yuan Shuangs distribution object is more special. His area of responsibility includes Wuhan No. 5 hospital, which is also one of the designated fever outpatient hospitals announced in Wuhan after the outbreak. In recent days, he has to deliver the goods to the back door of the hospital at 11:30 noon and around 5:00 pm every day, waiting for the nurses on duty to connect with him.

Apart from the staff, patients and family members of the hospital, he may be one of the people closest to the hospital. Yuan Shuang said that when he heard that he was going to the hospital to deliver goods, many colleagues were afraid. Even the ordering nurse had called specially to send him to the intersection which is still a long way from the hospital.

He still remembered the cautious tone of the other party on the phone, she was worried that we would not deliver them, so she called to discuss whether she could at least deliver them to the intersection. I checked and found that she ordered quite a lot of things. If I put them at the intersection, how can she get them back to the hospital is also a problem. I arranged to send them to the back door, near them.

Because of the cooperation these days, Yuan Shuang has clearly known what time the medical staff of the fifth hospital shift is, and also remembered who comes to pick up the express every day. He also found that doctors and nurses ordered the most instant noodles. There are basically no protective equipment, because the hospital requires medical grade, they will not buy from the Internet, mainly to buy and eat, especially many instant noodles. As far as I know, they often take a rest at three or four in the morning. They dont have time to eat at all. They can only buy some instant noodles together for emergency. At most that day, I sent dozens of boxes of instant noodles to the hospital.

Yuan Shuang said that in addition to himself, the medical staff and the patients, he had not seen anyone else around the hospital in recent days. The reason why he came as promised every day is to reassure his brothers, we are also training every day. As long as we do well in protection and do not contact, there is no risk of infection, but everyone will still be involuntarily afraid. As a stationmaster, I will definitely take the lead. If I am afraid not to go, how can other people work?

Moreover, Yuan Shuang himself often buys things online, and knows the expectation of express delivery when he cant buy things. Theyve been working hard, maybe they dont have time to buy things offline at all, so I have to deliver them.

I dare not touch my son for nearly a month

Although he was confident in his own protection, Yuan Shuang didnt tell his family that he still insisted on delivery in order not to worry about his parents. Mom and dad went to Huangshi before the new years Eve. If they didnt come back, I told them that they were on duty and didnt dare to deliver the goods. I was afraid that they were worried.

Wu Qiangs wife took her child back to her mothers home years ago. In recent days, he has to make three or four phone calls with his wife every day. When they are out of town, they can only read the news every day, and they will be more worried, so they often call to report safety.

Wu Qiang said frankly that in the face of the epidemic, he was also in the mood of when we go to deliver goods, we will know with the property and community of the community whether there are confirmed or suspected cases in the community we deliver. If we hear any, we will be afraid.

Even so, they still insist on delivery.

Now we have all the protective measures in place. We have masks and gloves, and we dont touch the guests. When we pick up the goods, we keep a distance of about two meters. After returning to the site, it will be disinfected. Several of us who insist on distribution now may be brave and fearless in character, so we can stick to it, Wu said

Brave and fearless at work, careful and gentle at home.

Pan Guozhens wife and children stay with him in Wuhan for the new year. He hasnt touched his son for nearly a month because of the epidemic.

I made a flower sprinkling with disinfectant in it. Every time I leave work, I will disinfect myself from head to foot at the site, change my clean clothes and go home. But because the child is young, I dare not touch him even in this way. I havent held him for nearly a month.

His wife complained at first, but pan understood that this was another expression of concern. So, for the sake of his wife and children, he is careful and careful. I also told her that if we dont send express delivery, more people will have to go out and buy things by themselves. Isnt it more risky for the whole city? Slowly, she can understand our work.

This is a city of great enthusiasm

Pan Guozhen, 32, has been in Wuhan for nearly four years. For this Jiangxi guy, this has become his second home. We used to work in Zhejiang, because our wife is from Hubei, so we wanted to come to Wuhan for development. Wuhan is a very warm city. From the first day we came, we were very inclusive and welcomed. We all like this city very much.

After the outbreak, the city slowed down suddenly, and even time seemed to be stagnating.

No matter how the epidemic develops, pan Guozhen said that when he goes out to work, he will still see sanitation workers cleaning on time. He will suddenly feel much more relieved. In places where everyone can see or cant see, many people are sticking to it. Wuhan still maintains daily operation, which makes you feel that the epidemic is not as terrible as you think.

Not only did Wu Qiang settle down in Wuhan, but his mother, who was over half a hundred years old, also found a good job here. My parents came here years ago and planned to stay with us in Wuhan. My mother also found a job in Zhongbai supermarket. After the outbreak, their supermarket has been operating and supplying daily necessities, so their mother also goes out early every day to work. Worry is certain, but since we have done this work, we must still take responsibility for this work.

Wu said that the city witnessed many of the most important experiences in his life when his children were born and grew up in Wuhan. When the city encounters an epidemic, I am willing to stand on my own post and accompany it to wait for the epidemic to pass.

Seeing his hometown now, Yuan Shuang was very distressed. My impression of Wuhan has always been busy, but these morning I walk in the street, there are no cars, no people, only clearly heard birds. Can you understand that feeling?

At the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, Hou Yanbo, deputy director of the market supervision department of the State Post Office, said that experts introduced that the new crown pneumonia virus was mainly transmitted through droplets and direct contact with patients, and the risk of transmission through mail and express mail was extremely low. He called on the community with smart express box to open the convenient door for the express boy. For the community, unit and office building without smart express box, he suggested that a specific area should be designated to receive the delivered mail and express.