Chengdu: closed management of urban residential areas (yards) in the city

 Chengdu: closed management of urban residential areas (yards) in the city

In order to further do a good job in the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection in our city, and effectively maintain and protect the life safety and health of the public, according to the law of the peoples Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases and other relevant laws and regulations, the relevant matters during the epidemic are hereby notified as follows:

1u3001 All citizens should consciously do their own protection, wash their hands frequently, go out less, do not gather, do not eat together, and wear masks in public places.

2u3001 The citys urban residential areas (courtyards), farmers concentrated residential areas, and rural scattered courtyards shall be subject to closed management, which restricts the entry of foreign personnel. The entry of personnel shall be provided with valid certificates, and the temperature shall be measured. In case of special circumstances, the management personnel shall make registration. The owners decoration, water and electrical pipeline reconstruction, rainwater and sewage diversion and other projects are suspended. In case of urgent repair of water, electricity, street lamps, etc., it shall be reported to the community for approval before implementation.

3u3001 Hotels, restaurants, restaurants, supermarkets, agricultural (market) markets and other business places shall arrange business hours reasonably, kill regularly, and enter personnel to measure their temperature and wear masks. Express delivery and take out shall be delivered without contact.

4u3001 Enterprises and institutions, owners of rental houses or other lessors of houses must implement the responsibility of prevention and control. Enterprises, institutions and owners of rental houses shall take the main responsibility for the management of relevant personnel, and the managers of rental houses shall take the direct responsibility. They must immediately report the situation of the people who come to Chengdu in the key epidemic areas, implement the regulations on health observation at home and in centralized isolation, fulfill the responsibility of health observation report at home and in centralized isolation, and cooperate with the government and community staff in their work.

5u3001 Party and government organs and institutions at all levels in the city should take the lead in strictly abiding by the requirements of epidemic prevention management. Public officials should take good care of their families and relatives, actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control work, and drive their neighbors to consciously abide by the regulations.

6u3001 Once confirmed cases are found in all kinds of places, in accordance with the relevant provisions of epidemic prevention and control, strict traceability investigation, cutting off the transmission channels, and timely taking local or all closed prevention and control measures to ensure that the epidemic does not spread or spread.

7u3001 All organs, enterprises and institutions, all kinds of organizations and the public must abide by the provisions on epidemic prevention and control. Those who violate the relevant provisions on prevention and control shall be given administrative punishment according to law. If a crime is constituted, they shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Chengdu new coronavirus infected pneumonia prevention and control headquarters

February 7, 2020

Chengdu, Sichuan: group meals for two or more families are forbidden during the Lantern Festival

Chengdu has new regulations on banning group meals. On February 7, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of market supervision and Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued a notice on strengthening the management of group dinner activities during the Lantern Festival, arranging and deploying further strengthening the management of group dinner activities during the Lantern Festival, and making specific provisions on the scale of group dinner: in principle, more than two (including two) families should be prohibited from participating in group dinner activities.