Its necessary to collect these seven skills to speed up body recovery after running

 Its necessary to collect these seven skills to speed up body recovery after running

At the end of each run, first cool down, not go home to rest. After running, it is very easy to jog or walk, which helps to redistribute blood, return heartbeat and breath to normal state, reduce body temperature, discharge lactic acid and other wastes, and reduce muscle pain.

After running, if you still wear sweaty clothes, your temperature will drop rapidly. At this time, you need to change into dry clothes as soon as possible to keep your muscles warm, which is conducive to speeding up the internal circulation and promoting the recovery of your body. In addition, faster blood flow can also provide more nutrition for tired muscles.

You can take a mat with you and take a break after your run to stretch. Or after going home for a bath, the muscles relax, and self massage with foam shaft can relieve muscle soreness and increase body agility.

Prepare food in advance

20 minutes after running, you need to take in nutrients, including drinking water, carbohydrates, protein, etc. All of these need to be prepared in advance by the runner and used directly when necessary.

Make a reasonable training plan

It is not every day to arrange hard training that is the most reasonable plan. The real reasonable training plan should be hard and easy interval. After finishing a hard and high-intensity training, you should arrange yourself to rest or conduct relaxed training the next day. Such a combination of work and rest can maintain the long-term training.

Control running speed

Many new runners like to run fast and think its good for their speed. In fact, this is a wrong view. Running training needs a combination of speed and slowness, speed should be controlled at the beginning, speed should be increased slightly in the middle, and sprint should be carried out in the second half to distribute physical strength reasonably. After running, runners should evaluate their speed. If they feel too fast, they will slow down in time.

Consider weather effects

Different weather has different effects on the body. Summer is hot and humid, sweat more when running, and wear more on the body, which requires the runner to arrange more recovery time for himself, otherwise the body will easily enter the fatigue state. In summer, there is a lot of electrolyte loss in running, so runners must supplement electrolyte in time.