The most happy moment for the girls in the rice circle under the epidemic is the hospitals message received

 The most happy moment for the girls in the rice circle under the epidemic is the hospitals message received

They are just doing what a fan should do, and what a Chinese should do at the same time.


Quick reaction, sleepless

As early as the early days of the epidemic, when many stars have not yet started to donate, fans donation has quietly begun.

Fans of Wuhan born actor Zhu Yilong are the first to take action.

January 24, new years Eve.

Cai Xukuns fan station 82 King Street found a normal working manufacturer during the new year. After confirming the medical production license, he decided to order 30000 masks and 250 sets of protective clothing.

After emergency production and packaging, it was sent to Shunfeng branch on the second day of the Lunar New Year and sent to four hospitals in Wuhan, Huangshi, Jingmen and Suizhou.

All the expenses are paid by three fans of the station.

On New Years Eve, fans of actor Deng Lun sent 1200 goggles and 2000 Kn90 masks to doctors in Wuhan.

At the same time, open the fund-raising link, while continuing to call on fans to donate, while planning the second, third and fourth batch of material donations.

On January 25, 200000 masks donated by Wang Yuans fans arrived in Wuhan.

Later, the money raised was immediately put into the supply of medical supplies in other cities around Wuhan.

Suizhou city received the first donation from a girl in the rice circle, who donated 232000 masks from tfboys.

Zheng Yunlong fan support association donated 50000 yuan, goggles and rubber gloves to Wuhan Charity Association.

A yunga fan supports ultraviolet disinfection vehicles and other epidemic prevention and control equipment and materials of Hubei hospital.

There was no fan support group or station with materials, and they also expressed their hearts and minds in the way of donation at the first time.


Efficient action and clear division of labor

The girls in the rice circle participating in the action are not professional practitioners of public welfare institutions. Half of them are still in university or even high school.

They only rely on the experience of doing public welfare activities and the accomplishment of fighting for a long time.

There are data group, anti black group, copywriting group, video group and so on for girls in rice circle.

Translate to this donation activity, determine compliance manufacturers, place orders, connect with designated hospitals, communicate logistics, and issue hospital demand list, all links should be in charge of by someone.

However, there are more and more limited medical products available online.

They soon understood that the most urgent problem is not money, but the supply of goods: Limited import, limited purchase and flow, government deployment of manufacturers, shortage of Taobao stock

So we can only ask for help from our relatives and friends, and then we can ask for help from super talk or fans to find manufacturers that can meet the medical requirements.

After the business license, medical device production license, business record and registration certificate are presented, fans ask questions about the safety and professionalism of the goods and the shipping capacity of the business through taking photos or on-the-spot inspection. The goods can only be delivered after confirming that they meet the standard.

Finally, we need to call from time to time to speed up production. After the supply side is completed, the demand side needs to be determined quickly.

Girls in the rice circle are very happy to receive private letters from the hospital for help, because they can make clear the direction of their assistance.

Wuhan has the largest demand for medical supplies, but other cities, towns and villages in Hubei Province are not optimistic about the situation of infection, which is easy to be ignored.

Hua Chenyus fan club chose Shiyan City, the hometown of Hua Chenyu, as the donation object, and the list of material needs provided by Xiyuan Hospital of Shiyan City.

The donation target is 100000 yuan, and the task has been over fulfilled in more than ten minutes.

Jiangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai and other designated hospitals in need also received donations from fans.

Besides masks and protective clothing, gloves, disinfectants and kits are in short supply.

Not only donate to the hospital, but also the fans consider the security risks of the basic police station and the card point.

Train stations and other crowded places need masks to ensure safety.

However, even if it has been considered in such a comprehensive way, it is difficult to protect against emergencies.

In the first few days of fund-raising, Cai Xukuns fan station 82 King Street made nearly 100 phone calls to hospitals in Hubei Province, one by one, because all the materials sent to Hubei needed the hospital to issue a formal demand list.

In particular, those medical institutions that are not easy to be noticed but are extremely short of actual materials, who can quickly issue a formal demand list, and finally determine the list of donor hospitals in the evening of the same day, and successfully deliver goods.

This persistence and carefulness are indeed admirable.


Timely feedback, open and transparent

Fans stand in front of us, and fans in the rear also need to exercise their supervision power.

For Zhan Zi and the backup Association, the issue of money is the most sensitive one. If there is a slight mistake, it will be dismissed or shut down. If there is a mistake, it will damage the reputation of your idol.

So every entry, exit and balance should be clear.

Zhang Yunlei fan support will list out the information and amount of each donor.

The vouchers for purchasing medical supplies, screenshots of Taobao transactions, transfer records, etc., shall be marked with watermark for publicity;

Quantity, model, unit price and even product specification details.

Logistics information, delivery photos, so as to report the progress at any time;

Finally, there should be a receipt certificate from the hospital. Only when you see a photo of the person in charge of the hospitals docking and the goods with the name of your own idol, can fans relax.

Where public welfare organizations are entrusted to distribute materials, the flow direction of materials shall also be clearly indicated and the official seal shall be affixed.

Step by step, transparency and openness have been achieved.

Rice circle girl is not easy to fool. She has a comprehensive understanding of which masks meet the standards, the price of masks, alcohol concentration, etc.

Once you find something unreasonable, point out immediately that it is very difficult to take this opportunity to only collect money and do nothing.


Let go of prejudices

Traffic stars usually have a backup club and N fan stations. Some smaller stations do not have the ability to deliver a large number of materials on their own;

At the same time, some relatively less famous stars have a small number of fans and limited funds.

Therefore, in the process of collecting donations to fight against the coronavirus, we will see a previously rare way - joint donation.

On January 24, 100 star fans jointly donated 143100 gloves to Central South Hospital of Wuhan University.

These stars come from different fields: singers, actors, draft idols, bands, mens groups, e-competitors, athletes It is led by several big stations with more fans and acts together.

The whole network of 300 star chasing girls, together is a fire, scattered is a sky star.

In this donation to fight against the coronavirus, there are many operations similar to the hundred member League war.

Zhou Zhennan, Xiao Zhan, Yao Chen, Zhu Xingjie, Gu landi, Ding Chengxin, Guan Yue, Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, Zhang Yanqi and other 12 Chongqing artist fan stations jointly donated 80000 disposable medical rubber gloves to four hospitals in Chongqing.

The 666 alliance is jointly launched by Luhan public welfare joint response station and more than 20 fan stations, which brings together the fans group of Zheng Yuanchang, Wang Xinling bar, sister group of CAI Xukun, Xiaozhan public welfare station, etc.

It seems that there is no relationship between stars, even some of them are right at home, but the subcutaneous of these fans groups are more or less connected in daily life. When we asked each other about the supply and delivery of goods, we naturally formed an alliance.

At ordinary times, he was the opponent of on-site battle light slogans, and now he has become a comrade in arms in the fight against the epidemic: some of the stations are preparing for copywriting, some are in charge of art work, some are going to contact the source of goods, some are docking with the hospital

With more and more fans joining in, some star fans have exceeded one million, and even tens of thousands of them are less. Together, they are not small.

In addition to donations, there are many rice circle girls who are medical workers themselves.

Before they rush to the epidemic battlefield, they usually go to talk to each other.

There are not a few girls in the rice circle like this. They cheer on each other and enjoy themselves.

To win honor for Adu, also got the respect of Adu.

They are not only star chasers, but also stars that illuminate others.

Perhaps, in the course of this fundraising campaign for girls in the rice circle, fans had such a slight idea that they didnt want to lose their idols to others.

But believe that more people are out of instinctive goodwill and responsibility.

Their happiest moment will always be that the message from the hospital received.

At that moment, I knew that hard work was not in vain. Although I didnt know how much I could help the front line, even a little bit was good.

There are too many fan groups to list, but every little kindness is worth remembering.

May everyone be healthy and safe.

? warm tips from the Secretary: dont go out during the epidemic, wear masks when going out, and pay attention to personal hygiene.