Volunteer in Wuhan: ten hours a day, thousands of kilometers a day

 Volunteer in Wuhan: ten hours a day, thousands of kilometers a day

At 10 a.m. on January 23, Wuhan was officially closed, more than ten days have passed. The epidemic is still spreading. In addition to the medical staff, there are also some spotlights outside the public. They help the left behind pets, pick up the medical staff, assist the municipal Hotline Under the city of Wuhan, these volunteers have also become reverse walkers. Heres their readme story (slightly edited):

Li Wei, male, volunteer for medical staff transfer

On New Years Eve (January 24), I received the first medical staff at Wuhan station. It was the second day after the closure of the city. All public transportation was paralyzed, and taxis and online car Hailing stopped. Considering the travel needs of many front-line medical staff, we have set up a voluntary transport group.

Just after the group was built, I received the help of a nurse from Central South Hospital. It was raining and cold outside. She had been waiting for a long time. I put on my mask and went out immediately.

After receiving her, she told me that due to the outbreak of the epidemic, their hospital, as a designated hospital, suddenly cancelled the holiday and asked all those who were allowed to return to work. When she arrived at Wuhan station, she immediately returned to her hometown of Huangshi for the Spring Festival and wanted to rush back to the front line for support. In the chat, I found that she was just a girl after 95.

I arrived early in the evening and found them waiting downstairs earlier. After getting on the bus, they gave me a box of milk and a snack as a thank-you. I gave them a piece of white chocolate. In my opinion, they are all angels in white, so later, I used white chocolate as a gift to give to each of their medical staff in the car.

From that day on, I basically spent about 10 hours a day to pick up the medical staff. My car runs two tanks of oil a week, and the journey is thousands of kilometers. Slowly, more and more people join us. For example, some fruit shop owners actively contact us to donate fruits and snacks to the hospitals that are short of supplies. I will also help them deliver them. Some medical staff saw me running around every day and gave me some alcohol, masks and other supplies. In fact, these are also very scarce and valuable materials for them. Im moved by all this.

Work photos during volunteer period

Just like the nurse at the beginning, most of the medical staff I transferred were only the young people after the 95s. During this period, I saw their fatigue and responsibility. Compared with them, what I did was nothing. The epidemic continues, but I believe that as long as we carry it together, our Wuhan will be better.

02 animals also want to know when their owners will come back?

Yiwei, female, volunteer of feeding left behind animals

After the closure of Wuhan, not only did not everyone go out, but many people could not come back. All of a sudden. A few days later, a friend confided to me that his cat was still at home in Wuhan and was running out of food. I didnt know what to do.

He lives far away, and I cant help him for a while. Later, I found a group by mistake. It was originally a charity organization to save stray animals, and now it is specially used to help feed left behind pets. There are not only pet owners like my friends who ask for help, volunteers who are willing to help, but also pet shop owners who provide cat food and dog food to deliver to their homes, and even master who pries locks.

For the sake of safety, we usually adopt the principle of feeding nearby. Now I have two cats and two dogs, which are basically adopted, so I can understand the feelings of these owners. If its me, I must be crazy. I decided to join in as a volunteer.

At present, I am helping two families to feed cats, one is a puppet, one is an orange cat, and the other is a British short cat, which is about 2 kilometers away from my home.

u25b2 cats to help feed

When I feed, the owner will usually tell me where to put the cat food, what basin to add the water, whether to leave a lamp, whether to open a window for ventilation, etc. sometimes I will take the initiative to play with the cat for a while. Its so lonely to stay here. We can all feel it. These animals are really pitiful. They dont know when their master will come back.

After the closure of Wuhan, in addition to purchasing necessary materials, we also isolated at home. In the past few nights, when we went out to feed small animals, we saw the other side of the city: I am a native of Wuhan. I have lived in the city for more than 30 years and have never seen such an empty and quiet Wuhan city. After the outbreak, the virus has made people far away, and we are worried about what to do.

This time, when we helped feed the animals, the first client sent me the key directly, and the second one changed the lock with the master who had pried it on the door, which cost 600 yuan.

We were strangers we had never met before. I didnt expect that now all their keys are in my hands. Trust, which is hard to build in normal times, seems to be much easier in such a special period. At first, I would talk with them on video to watch the feeding process. Later, they said, its OK, no need, just take a small video.

I look at these little lives left in Wuhan, and believe that they will also be the same as us, and will finally get through the difficulties safely.

03 more than 600 orders a day in peak hours

Minxi (pseudonym), female, volunteer for medical meal assistance

After the outbreak, many social forces participated in providing support for Wuhan. One of my friends was worried about the meal and life security of the medical staff, and volunteered to set up a medical meal support group and a team group. I joined the group and undertook some work such as connection, statistics and donation.

After the closure of the city, many restaurants in Wuhan were closed and it was difficult to purchase materials. At first, we contacted a restaurant in the outskirts of Wuhan. They were willing to donate all the ingredients they had reserved during the Spring Festival, and later they were willing to provide them at cost price to support the medical staff.

In fact, they are not specialized in making group meals. This time, the supply is very heavy for them. The hospitals we connect with cover 672, 5, and union hospital, which need to deliver hundreds of meals a day, reaching more than 600 at the peak.

u25b2 distribute the love catering to the hospital

In order to deliver meals to the medical staff on time, the boss took the staff to work overtime and only slept for 3-4 hours every day. In order to speed up the delivery efficiency, it is still hot for the meal to be delivered to the medical staff. The caring car owners also go to help pack in advance every time. Sometimes, the car owner is afraid that the medical staff is not enough to eat, but also specially runs to the convenience store to buy. Later, another shop specializing in group meal contacted us and said that it would like to provide catering for medical staff regardless of cost. We help each other all the way.

However, considering that there are no safety hazards such as protective clothing for the team members, our meal delivery service has been temporarily stopped. But our group still remains, and we are still thinking about what we can do for Wuhan.

On January 29th, we thought of a name, which is Chula a dream volunteer team. There are lawyers, media people, certified public accountants, banks, communications, state-owned enterprises, and many people we dont know their identities, but we all work together. We feel like we can do everything this time, just like the robot cat. During the period of voluntary meal delivery, the hospital wrote us a thank-you letter, in which there was a sentence see rainbow after storm. Im sure it will.

Thank you letter from the hospital

Fat uncle (pseudonym), male, Assist Mayor hotline volunteer

On January 27, I officially became one of the volunteers of Wuhan mayors hotline. My job is to pick up the operator who answers the mayors hotline.

The first day before I left, I took ten more masks, thinking that if someone didnt wear masks on the road, I could send some out of the window. It turned out that everyone was wearing them. After the closure of the city, vehicles are limited, and most of the roads are people walking in twos and threes.

This road that I have to go to and from work every day, the section from Baishazhou Avenue viaduct to Wuchang railway station, is usually blocked. More than 20 kilometers away, I have to go out 2 hours in advance, now its half an hour.

During the epidemic, especially in the early days of the closure of the city, people have many questions about the daily life security. All operators have to go back to work. They say that the workload is more than 20 times more than usual. The operators on the bus were obviously tired. Talking about todays work, most of them told me that it was related to the epidemic, and then they were silent, and I didnt say anything more.

On the way back, I ran into an old lady who seemed to be helpless. She looked at me at the traffic light. I rolled down the window to ask if she needed help, but she only spoke in dialect. We couldnt communicate.

Im ashamed to say. Actually, I was very motivated when I was on duty. I wanted to do something for Wuhan. Unexpectedly, I couldnt stop crying when I came back on the first day. My Wuhan is ill, and I can do too little.

My family told me: you are not Superman, just do what you can. They all supported me in my volunteer work, including cooperating with me to disinfect the car every time I came back, as well as disinfecting me. They kept telling me that I was doing something meaningful.

Its a pity that I have stopped the transfer now. Knowing that there are suspected infected people in the contact group, I also began to strictly isolate myself every day. The city later arranged a shuttle bus, and our volunteer shuttle work stopped. However, I suggest that you keep the working group, which is the memory of our guarding Wuhan together.

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That day in spring (February 4), many people sent me news that they would meet again when the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming. I thought that after the epidemic, the most thing I want to do is to hold my family well. Its just that simple.