Dr. Li Wenliangs death: why should we protect those who reveal the truth?

 Dr. Li Wenliangs death: why should we protect those who reveal the truth?

Dr. Li Wenliang of Wuhan Central Hospital left on the evening of February 6. Such a doctor, who inadvertently told people a truth, was admonished by the police in the name of rumor, and then, as an ophthalmologist, went to the front line to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic, then infected with the new coronavirus, and died at the age of 34.

The death of Li Wenliang caused tears for all. He used his life to clarify, he didnt lie.

On February 7, with the approval of the Central Committee, the State Supervision Commission decided to send an investigation team to Wuhan, Hubei Province to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the issues related to Dr. Li Wenliang reflected by the masses.

Netizens said the authorities owe Li an apology. Obviously, apology is not enough. What people need is a truth. They need a fact. They need to talk about Li Wenliangs cause and effect when he was taken away by the Discipline Inspection Department of the hospital and identified as a rumor by the local police, and explain it to the public.

According to the information disclosed at present, on December 30, 2019, Li Wenliang only disclosed the epidemic situation among his classmates; on January 1, he was summoned by the police; and on January 3, he received the admonition.

The admonition required him to admit that what was posted on the Internet was untrue, forcing him to sign a letter of acknowledgment to spread rumors. As a doctor, he is a qualified whistleblower. It is his duty to disclose the epidemic situation. It is his duty to treat patients and remind relatives and friends around him. Its not a political issue, its a simple medical and common sense issue.

The layman forced a professional to admit that he lied in his own professional field. This mentality of ignoring science, facts and peoples health and life safety should be reflected for a long time!

But so far, some departments are still defending and endorsing the disposition of Wuhan police, believing that Li Wenliang was wrong, because this time it is not SARS, so it is right to determine that he made rumors. How can we not take the safety of peoples lives seriously? As a disease that most people dont know, its hard for some institutions and experts to make clear about it for a long time. Dr. Li Wenliang told his friends around him in popular language and told his friends about the infectivity and harmfulness of the virus through common medical knowledge. Isnt it a conscientious and responsible act? Later facts also proved that he was right. The new coronavirus is indeed very similar to SARS.

Peoples panic comes not only from peoples sad memories of infectious diseases, but also from the unknowability of viruses, and also from the opacity of information. The opacity of information in the initial stage is an important reason for the growing infection and the instability of peoples mood. It is also an important reason for Wuhan, even Hubei and China to pay a heavy price for this.

Before that, we have been appealing that the interests of the people are the starting point of our work. The way of thinking of some officials is really going to change! The simple and rough sealing way really needs to be reconsidered! We must admit the facts, tell the truth, follow the science and respect the profession. We should also be realistic, encourage the whole society to speak the truth together and protect the people who speak the truth together, which is the basic premise for the country to move towards modern governance.

It is not enough to apologize to Li Wenliang, to pacify Li Wenliang, to cancel the wrong handling, and to deal with several officials after the investigation. The best way to mourn Li Wenliang is to return a truth and fact to the public and protect those who tell the truth and reveal the truth to the public with conscience. As Li Wenliang said before his death, it is more important to let everyone know that a healthy society should not have only one voice than ones own.

National Health and Health Commission: will seriously study the pathogenesis and diagnosis and treatment process of Li Wenliang

The press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council was held on the afternoon of February 7. In view of the pathogenesis and diagnosis and treatment process of Li Wenliang, a doctor of Wuhan Central Hospital, Song Zhi, spokesman of the national health and Health Commission and director of the publicity department, said that Li Wenliangs case would be carefully studied in the future.