The number of newly confirmed cases has declined. Is the turning point coming? Zhong Nanshan: talking too early

 The number of newly confirmed cases has declined. Is the turning point coming? Zhong Nanshan: talking too early

Q: how can medical staff protect their health and safety when rescuing patients?

Zhong Nanshan: first of all, they need to carry out standardized protection, because we have a lesson in this point. Because of the lack of standardized protection, the medical staff fell ill, which caused a lot of passive work.

In addition, it is suggested that doctors and nurses in different places should have a rotation system, because excessive fatigue is more likely to be infected.

Q: from the data, the number of confirmed cases in China is on the rise, but the number of newly confirmed cases is on the decline (from February 4 to 6). What can this prove? Can you say that the turning point is coming?

A: it cant be proved that the turning point is coming, but I think it will be a few days before it comes. Because the most important thing is new cases, not discharged cases or death cases. The discharge criteria are different, but new cases are an important indicator.

Now it seems that the number of new cases that have not continued to increase significantly, which is a good thing. But does that mean the turning point is coming? Its too early.

Q: the number of cases from Feb. 4 to Feb. 6 has declined. Does that mean that the number of new cases may continue to decline?

A: the number of new cases will not rise too much, but Wuhan may be different from other places.

Because now Wuhan is making every effort to do a good job of discovery and isolation, while other places are mainly doing early discovery and isolation. Now it seems that the work of early detection and early isolation has begun to work.

Q: what are the results of drug research and development? Everyone said there was no specific medicine, but what kind of effect is the medicine used now?

A: I can only say that there are some drugs that are promising. But now the most important thing for these patients, especially those with severe or critical illness, is life support.

The most important thing is to hope that these patients can survive the physiological changes caused by the virus, mainly through this difficulty.

Up to now, it is certain that the drug is still under observation.

It is also very important that we are now doing some basic clinical experiments with traditional Chinese medicine, hoping that traditional Chinese medicine can play a role in prevention or early patients. For traditional Chinese medicine, we dont expect it to have a strong antiviral effect, but it can help light patients in improving symptoms.

Health and Health Commission: effective prevention and control measures for new confirmed cases for two consecutive days

Song Jianli, director of the publicity department, said at a press conference held by the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council on July 7 that the number of newly reported confirmed cases in China had declined significantly for two consecutive days, suggesting that the effect of early epidemic prevention and control measures was further demonstrated.