New world: Sun Hongleis domineering interrogation of prisoner Zhang Luyi

 New world: Sun Hongleis domineering interrogation of prisoner Zhang Luyi

Tonight, sun Hongleis eldest brother, prison warden Jin Hai, will interrogate Feng Qingbo, the secret agent of the Kuomintang secret Bureau played by Zhao Zheng, and learn the secret of the so-called peace talks; Tielin, a member of the second brother secret Bureau played by Zhang Luyi, takes a step of dangerous chess - and joins Shen Shichang, the great man played by Qin and Han Dynasties. Can his choice help him realize his dream of being outstanding? Xu Tian, the third younger brother of Yin Fang, is still trying his best to trace the case of the serial murderer xiaohongao. There are hooligans in the family who disturb and make trouble, but there are many people in a panic. Where will Xu Tians justice go?

In addition to the fate of the three brothers of Peiping, the heroine Tian Dan played by Wanxi also attracted the attention of the audience. Recently, since escaping from prison, she has been busy working for the eradication of spies and the investigation of the case of little red coat. Therefore, she was nicknamed by netizens: from bitter pill to iron pill However, her Kung Fu is not inferior to that of others. Today, Tian Dan can finally face up to her fathers murderer, and her ex boyfriend, Feng Qingbo. Last night, Tian Dan, who just claimed that he could not get rid of Feng Qingbo, how would he face this dignified Kuomintang spy?

The situation in the city is on the rise

Due to the approaching time of peaceful liberation of Peiping, the situation in the city is also surging. Shen Shichang, the key figure in the North China campaign played by Qin and Han Dynasties, will attend a high-level meeting that will affect the fate of Beiping city tonight. What astonishing move will he take in the face of the irresistible general trend of ostensibly supporting the peace talks and luring and killing the people behind them? Why did he let Tielin replace Jinhais warden? Although Liu Rushi, played by Li Chun, has been acting as a broker for all parties under the protection of his father Shen Shichang, now that the new world is coming, will Shen Shichang use his daughter or show his fathers love at a critical moment when he is too busy?

The future and secrets of more characters will be influenced by tonights plot. What is the last moment of darkness before the new world? At 19:30 every night, the popular TV series new world on Beijing Satellite TV and Oriental satellite TV is being announced.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322