Peerless double pride ends tonight, martial arts new generation reappears the way of chivalry

 Peerless double pride ends tonight, martial arts new generation reappears the way of chivalry

To some extent, the outstanding achievements of the novel bring the martial arts works of ancient costume back to the market of TV dramas and rejuvenate the traditional martial arts with Chinese chivalrous spirit. This is not in line with the tonality of the original work of the new novel. Martial arts is a unique popular culture in China, and its spiritual theme is Confucian and Taoist culture Combination: for example, Yan Nantian, the most classic chivalry representative in the play, is respected by everyone as the greatest Xia in the world. He is just and upright, and attaches great importance to feelings and righteousness, which is a model of chivalry. In addition, the moving point of the novel is that it creates a more diverse, realistic, complex and full character image, and more accurately captures the core content of the original work: both Under the fatalistic arrangement, Hua Wugui and Jiang Xiaoyus double pride have different chivalrous expressions, as well as their characters growth under mutual influence.

Everyones envy is like no lack. Once they enter the Jianghu, they have a strong feeling

The flower in the play is flawless, which integrates all the perfect features of the world, the jade in the sky, the dead wood fossil, the four lights of yin and Yang, the flower god comes to the world, showing the demeanor and temperament of relegation to immortals. However, under the envied flawless appearance, there is actually a heartbreaking defect, just as the drama when can you think of yourself said by tiexinlan. Hua Wuchang entered the Jianghu to kill jiangxiaoyu, but he never asked why, only knew that aunt must have her reason; you cant see his inner self, he didnt refuse people for thousands of miles, but no one dared to be close to him for half, his defect was that he didnt have himself. Because Xiaoyu and tiexinlan began to show his enthusiasm in front of love and friendship, and his lost heart finally came back, which is the only way for huawuji to grow up as a Xia.

Chivalrous way is seen in the great righteousness of seven exquisite fishes

Jiangxiaoyu is destined to be the opposite of the perfect complement of flowers. Who can know that flying free and easy, ancient and clever jiangxiaoyu actually bears the secret of life experience from childhood? The child raised for the purpose of cultivating the worst villain in the world hides a warm, soft and kind heart under the bad heart and ghost mind, so that he can get to know tiexinlan, make friends with black spider and Murong family and other people. Finally, he obtains the truth by scheming to fake death, and gives up revenge against injustice with a righteous heart, which makes great Xia Yan Nantian feel ashamed A glorious moment. The unique charm of little fish is his insight into human nature. After seeing peoples material desire and emotional desire clearly, he can not be confused, and no desire is really magnanimous and transparent. Only in this way can he bear the way of righteousness on the road of chivalry!

The so-called classics can resonate with people in every era. On the one hand, the new peerless double pride meets the publics expectations for martial arts works from the perspective of live shooting and production, bold use of new peoples corner selection, etc., and at the same time, it conforms to the development trend of young audiences on multiple platforms such as current TV, on the other hand, it makes the spirit of martial arts younger and more modern by expression in line with the characteristics of the times It is easy to arouse the attention and emotional identity of the mainstream groups. For the traditional martial arts of the road to youth, and how the spirit of martial arts is accepted by young audiences, handed over an excellent answer sheet.

Double pride duel, love and hate. At 7:30 on cctv-8 tonight, double pride is coming to an end on CCTV. Lets look forward to it!

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