The new Carlyle long axle version will be released in April

 The new Carlyle long axle version will be released in April

1. Its really long

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the long axle model are 5766 / 2059 / 1942mm respectively, the wheelbase is 3407mm, the length is 384mm longer than that of the standard axle model, and the wheelbase is 336mm longer. The lifting of the length makes the appearance more powerful, and also brings 44mm extra leg space for the third row of seat passengers. At the same time, the volume of the rear compartment is also increased to 1214l.

2. The appearance is consistent with the standard axis

The exterior design is basically the same as the standard axle version, but the long wheelbase version has a longer rear body, and the C-pillar chrome trim has also been significantly elongated. In addition, the Cadillac logo on the axle plate is moved from the lower part of the chrome trim to the black plastic part in front.

3. The power is consistent with the standard shaft

In terms of power, it is consistent with the standard axle version, equipped with a new 6.2lv8 naturally aspirated gasoline engine, variable valve timing technology, start stop system and dynamic fuel management technology, with a maximum power of 313kW. In addition, the new CareAD has also launched a 3.0L turbo diesel engine version with a peak torque of 623n u00b7 M. Matched with the two engines is a 10 speed automatic transmission with electronic transmission control, and the whole system is equipped with an intelligent timely four-wheel drive system, using a new independent rear suspension, providing MRC electromagnetic suspension system and adaptive air suspension.

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To be careful

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2. The industrys first AKG audio system

3. The first super cruise driver assistance technology available in the market segment

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