Yang Kuns new homes first exposure: the tough guys home can be so delicate

 Yang Kuns new homes first exposure: the tough guys home can be so delicate

Go through the island platform next to the living room and youll get to the dining room. The restaurant has done a high-rise design, with a high-rise design of the classic lamps, long line chandeliers. The beautiful chandeliers are scattered and have a very artistic sense. The dining table and chairs are all made of metal, which is very luxurious.

The stairs in rich families must be well designed. The entrance of the stairs turns a corner, which is more convenient and the design of the arc is more beautiful. The stair handrail is made of brass, which is consistent with the metal chandelier and metal floor lamp beside. The steps are made of marble and look very luxurious.

The bathroom next to the living room also continues the style of the living room. The dark green marble is like a gem. The brass back plate highlights the noble feeling of metal. The edge of the circular mirror is also made of brass frame. Just a basin area can see how proud the toilet is.

As a musician, of course, the most important thing in the working area is the sound system. Every corner of the room is filled with speakers, which is the basic quality of a musician. It is a serious thing to do music. The layout of the room also presents left and right symmetry, all for better sound effect.

Yang Kun is fond of guitars. He has made a special guitar collection area at home. He has collected the guitars of Michael Jackson and U2, all kinds of different colors. If these guitars are in my hand, Im afraid that I dare not play them in such a valuable collection.

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