When Wuhan presses the pause key

 When Wuhan presses the pause key


Wuhan, like being pressed the pause key

In this video, we see Wuhan, which seems to press the pause key after the outbreak of the epidemic, and every love from all over the country, which seems to press the play key since the closure of Wuhan.

The video aside reads:

7 p.m., like 3 a.m

The excitement is hidden by the virus

Everyone and everyone are far apart

How long before you can take off the mask

Face to face: eat?

Epidemic situation from Wuhan to the whole country

Support from the whole country to Wuhan

You see, love and hope

Faster than a virus

Every kind of love

All carved into the heart of Wuhan

They protect our lives regardless of their lives

There is only one purpose

Give Wuhan back to us, give us back to Wuhan

Dont be afraid. Wait a second

Wait for the city to press play again

There are so many people in the subway that they cant get on the train

I have to talk at the top of my voice when Im in a big gear

There are more people waiting to see cherry blossom at Wuda

I cant get my favorite bowl of hot and dry noodles too early

Wait for the car to block up the second bridge

We can laugh and say: I believe in your evil!

Wuhan, we are waiting for you

Please wait for Wuhan

Yes, as the video shows: Wuhan, Wuhan people, dont panic, because love and hope spread faster than the virus!


Wuhan has rivers, lakes and rivers.

Shan Zhiqiang, editor in chief of China National Geographic once said, Wuhan is an ocean city in his eyes, because when the Yangtze River reaches Wuhan, it is not only a big river in the interior, but an extension of the interior to the ocean.

Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, the three towns of Wuhan, are formed by the intersection and bifurcation of the Yangtze River and Hanjiang River.

Chinas major provinces and cities are all around it.

With such a unique geographical location, Wuhan has developed water, land and air transportation, which is the best in China.

A few days ago, academician Zhong Nanshan once said with tears in his eyes: Wuhan is originally a city of heroes!

This time it was no exception:

Have experienced the SARS Xiaotangshan original team;

There are academicians Zhong Nanshan and Li Lanjuan who are unparalleled scholars;

Women doctors and nurses with shaved hair;

The president of Jinyintan hospital, who still insists on the first line of incurable diseases;

There are post-90s who are not afraid to die if they wear white coats;

There are workers who are giving up rest and working all night;

There are ordinary staff who stick to their posts;

And countless volunteers willing to do their little for Wuhan

Because of them, this year is full of love and hope.


Dont panic, we are waiting for you!

In the video, there is an impressive sentence in Wuhan Dialect - I believe in your evil!

I mean, Ive convinced you!

Its production team is only three.

Leshuting, the creator of the video, recalled her feelings when she created the video: on the night of the 27th lunar new year, she walked on the streets of Wuhan and saw for the first time that everyone wore masks, no matter they were adults, children, occupations, types of work, rich or poor.

As the epidemic became more and more serious, everyone began to shut themselves up at home, and Wuhan announced the closure of the city on the eve of the Spring Festival.

In the process of shooting, they specially went to take pictures of Happy Valley in Wuhan, which used to bear the laughter and laughter, but now it becomes like silent mountain.

As it is said in the film, every time they go to shoot, they feel a very quiet environment.

No traffic jam has become the most reasonable annotation for the prosperous city in the past.

It seems to be the moment you dreamed of, but when you put it in the moment, you will know that the crowded streets and customers in line, many of which once made you a little fidgety, actually symbolized the vitality of a city. leshuting used her personal identity to tell her uneasy mood.

But in her eyes, Wuhan is now just pressed the pause button!

I believe that in the near future, we will meet in the streets of Wuhan, holding the baking skewer in the left hand, milk tea in the right hand, laughing and saying: I believe in your evil!!

Yes, Wuhan just pressed the pause button.

Dont panic. Well get through this together!

We are waiting for you, the whole world is waiting for you!

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