UEFA admits Ajax was wrongly judged! 10 million out of the Champions League

 UEFA admits Ajax was wrongly judged! 10 million out of the Champions League

In that game, AJAX played ferociously and took a 4-1 lead in the 55th minute. The 63rd minute, Chelsea pulled back a city, the score became 4-2. The 68th minute, the moment of controversy came. Chelseas attack in the front, brind kicked over abrahame, the referee did not stop the game. Then, Odoms shot hit wiltman in the penalty area in the arm. At this time, the referee blew out the game.

Then the referee showed brind a yellow card. Brind had been sent off because he had already had a yellow card. Next, the referee showed wiltman a yellow card that he had fouled the handball in the penalty area and gave Chelsea a penalty. As Weltman had already had a yellow card, he was also sent off by the red card. In an attack by Chelsea, two Ajax players were sent off and the whole team protested, but the referee insisted on his decision.

If Jose Mourinho takes a penalty, Chelsea 3-4 Ajax. In the last 20 minutes of the game, AJAX was two men short. The 74th minute, James scored, Chelsea changed the score to 4-4, and this score was also maintained to the end of the game. After the game, AJAX wrote to question UEFA, but did not get a clear response.

According to the Dutch telegraph, UEFA recently held a referee winter meeting in Spain. After discussion, they agreed that Gianluca Rocchi, the referee of Chelsea vs Ajax, made a wrong decision. After brind fouled Abraham, he should stop the game, not let Chelsea continue to attack. In that case, there would be no handball or penalty from behind wiltman.

Rocchis reason for keeping the game going was that Chelsea were good at attacking, but the referees conference pointed out that this principle only applied to direct attacking opportunities, while brinds foul position was 35 meters away from the goal at that time.

Rocchis miscarriage of justice resulted in Ajaxs failure to win the game and to qualify for the knockout stage, which resulted in the financial loss of about 10 million pounds. The u00a3 10 million includes a u00a3 1 million single win bonus and a u00a3 9 million group stage promotion bonus. UEFA must make economic compensation to us, said Ajax star Jack Swat. What happened at Stamford Bridge was a disgrace. The referees performance was terrible Ajax CEO Edwin van der Sar also questioned UEFA.

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