Dr. Li Wenliangs death: a family escaped because of his warning

 Dr. Li Wenliangs death: a family escaped because of his warning

At 2:58 a.m. on February 7, Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist in Wuhan Central Hospital, was unfortunately infected in the pneumonia epidemic of fighting against the new coronavirus infection. Due to the deterioration of his condition, he died after ineffective rescue. At this time, less than a week has passed since he was diagnosed with the new coronavirus.

Wuhan health and Health Commission issued a notice in the early morning of the 7th, expressing deep condolences to Dr. Li Wenliang and deep sympathy to his family members!

At 0:05 on February 7, a reporter from Shenzhen once learned from a @ Li mengping Camille certified as an emergency department nurse of Wuhan Central Hospital via Weibo that Li Wenliang was still carrying out rescue through artificial lung (ECMO), which started at about 9:00 that night. She said, the disease has been changing rapidly. Maybe people who are still talking at the moment before will not be able to do it at the moment after..

Wuhan Central Hospital releases the news on official wechat at 3:48 a.m

It was confirmed on February 1, and the condition was repeated many times

On February 1, Li Wenliang described his illness to a deep-seated reporter: its still difficult to breathe, and the recovery of lung function is relatively slow. That day, he refused to continue to accept other media interviews, a little tired, I want to take good care of the disease first.. Li Wenliang believes that obesity may be the cause of his slow recovery.

A nurse in charge of nursing Li Wenliang said in an interview with the media that Li Wenliang had a very serious fever, often 39.6 degrees and 39.7 degrees, which was useless for injection and medication, and had difficulty breathing. When its serious, he looks miserable, breathless and cyanotic. Ill put on a mask for him and take high flow of oxygen.

In the next few days, Li Wenliangs condition has been repeated. According to the doctors instructions, she used Zucker (indomethacin), levofloxacin (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory), ribavirin (antiviral), oseltamivir (antiviral), and gamma globulin to strengthen the patients immunity. Li Wenliang said in an interview that the immunoglobulin used in the treatment was bought from the outside by someone at his own expense. The price of one bottle is 600 yuan, and eight bottles are needed every day.

Lis circle of friends is set to only visible for three days.. He loves food. He has dried a lot of food in his circle of friends. Since he was ill, he hasnt sent out the circle of friends very much. Now, there is only one line and 13 cold words left in the circle of friends.

At the latest, from February 5, Li Wenliang felt the aggravation of his illness. This afternoon, Li Wenliang told Caixin via wechat that his condition had been repeated. These two days are not as good as before, high flow + mask oxygen saturation is only 88-99, dyspnea is aggravated, oxygen saturation (blood oxygen saturation) is 87, heart rate is 122. The day before yesterday (February 3) I had a partial arterial oxygen pressure of 110, today its only 64.

Rescue Dr. Li Wenliangs respiratory and critical care medical care room in the early morning of July 7

Doctors have said there will be a turning point

On January 10, Li Wenliang began to have cough and fever. CT results showed multiple infections and ground glass lesions in both lungs. He was hospitalized on 12 January and transferred to the respiratory isolation ward on 14 January. Since then, he gradually developed the problem of aggravating breathing, and transferred to intensive care unit on the 24th.

On January 26, Li Wenliang said, doctors said that the turning point should start in these days, but the recovery time of lung function is relatively slow.

On January 28, Li Wenliang described the development process of his illness in an interview with Shenzhen University. At the beginning, I was mainly feverish and nauseous. Later, the high fever gradually subsided, and I felt hopeful. But after the 16th, the dyspnea worsened, and I couldnt get out of bed at all, and I had to go to bed to defecate. Transfer to ICU of respiratory department on the 24th. Now we use antibiotics, hormones, antiviral drugs and high flow oxygen therapy.

Li Wenliang, who has never been to the South China seafood market, thinks he was infected because he received a suspected patient. On January 7 and 8, I received a patient with acute glaucoma, who began to have fever the day after she was hospitalized. Immediately after the fever, the lung CT and respiratory virus, mycoplasma and chlamydia were detected. Lung CT showed ground glass lesion in the lung, which was consistent with the pneumonia of new coronavirus infection Doctors began to be required to wear N95 masks after the patient developed fever, but they did not wear masks before the patient had a fever.

Li Wenliang had two nucleic acid tests, the second was negative, until February 1, he told Shenzhen once reporter that the third nucleic acid test done the day before was positive, so far, he was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia.

On the afternoon of February 2, in an exchange with documentary director Zhao Qi, Li Wenliang said that he still had difficulty breathing and his lung function recovered slowly. The doctor estimated that he would be in hospital for another two weeks.

Li Wenliang considered that after his recovery, he would continue to take part in the rescue work on the front line. Now the epidemic is still spreading, and he doesnt want to be a deserter, and what if everyone doesnt go?

Li Wenliangs parents were infected two days after he had symptoms, with fever and vomiting. The lung CT also showed ground glass lesions. They were hospitalized around January 15 and 16, when the beds were already very tight. At present, Li Wenliangs parents have been cured and discharged.

Li Wenliang and his wife have not seen each other since January 11. The pregnant wife is now at her mothers home in other places. I chat with my wife through video every day. She encourages me to take active treatment every day, and she and her son are waiting for me, Li Wenliang said in an interview with a deep-seated reporter. At present, I have difficulty breathing and speaking. Generally speaking, she says I listen.

Dr. Li Wenliang also said a few days ago that he would go to the front line after recovering

Someone escaped because of him

On the evening of February 6, after Li Wenliangs death was announced by the media, another news came that Li Wenliang was being rescued by ECMO, and the alumni of Li Wenliangs former school also consulted with each other. At 0:38 on the 7th, Wuhan Central Hospital official wechat released a message that Dr. Li Wenliang is in critical condition and is trying his best to rescue..

What makes Li Wenliang come into peoples sight is a screenshot of a chat record on December 30, 2019: he said in the college students group, seven cases of SARS have been confirmed in the South China fruit and seafood market and isolated in the emergency department of our hospital. After that, he signed a letter of admonition at the police station.

Li Wenliang believed that the widely spread screenshot was indeed taken out of context. At that time, I said at the beginning of the group that seven cases of SARS were diagnosed , which was not very accurate. Later, I emphasized that it was coronavirus, which was still typing.

In January 28th, the WeChat public issue of the Supreme Peoples Court issued an article, saying, although the new pneumonia is not SARS, the content released by the information publisher is not entirely fabricated. But if the public hears the rumor and takes the measures of wearing a mask, sterilizing and avoiding wild animal market based on the panic of SARS, it will better prevent us today. It may be a blessing to control the new type of pneumonia.

Zhang Jiang, whose family are all in Wuhan, claims to have benefited from Lis early warning. I personally thank him so much that I started wearing masks for my family and friends in early January.

The screenshot with the above content was sent to the high school group in Zhangjiang on January 1, I am a person who has experienced SARS. During the SARS period in 2003, Zhang Jiang was studying in Beijing University. His head teacher and his wife confirmed that SARS had passed away, leaving a daughter.

On the same day, Zhang Jiang placed an order online and bought 300 disposable masks and 3 gas masks for his family. If the family doesnt believe it, Zhang Jiang persuades and reminds them every day. Now Zhang Jiang is staying in Shanghai because of his work. His family cant go downstairs in Wuhan. Zhang said the family avoided the robbery..

Li Wenliang, 34, likes Xiao Zhan, the star, Celebrating the year and anime, and likes to tweet. On his birthday last year, Li Wenliang wrote on his microblog, today is another busy day. Its hard to avoid being impatient when there are many patients. Thanks for everyones consideration... At the new year, he hopes to be a simple person, see the complexity of the world without leaving traces in his heart, and keep enough ordinary heart.

The public welfare foundation awarded the admonished doctor 100000 yuan: he dared to tell the truth

He is a person who is responsible for his work, is real and dare to tell the truth. His behavior objectively allows more people to have an early prevention of the virus. This is the evaluation of Wuhan Doctor Li Wenliang by Beijing gratitude public welfare foundation.

On January 31, the first 100000 yuan of special contribution support was allocated by the Beijing gratitude Public Welfare Foundations Guardian support action project and awarded to Li Wenliang, a doctor of Wuhan Central Hospital.

Rumor was admonished to the doctor: I dont think I belong to rumor. I am reminding

Nearly a month after the incident, eight rumor makers in Wuhan were praised as Zhugeliang in advance by Zeng Guang, chief epidemiologist of China CDC.

One of them is Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist of Wuhan Central Hospital. The reporter of Beijing News learned from Li Wenliang that at 5:43 p.m. on December 30, 2019, he mentioned in his classmates that seven SARS cases have been confirmed in South China fruit and seafood market. An hour later, he added in the group, the latest news is that the coronavirus infection is confirmed and virus typing is in progress..