HK $8 billion acquisition of tmall medical e-commerce business Alibaba health integration accelerated

 HK $8 billion acquisition of tmall medical e-commerce business Alibaba health integration accelerated

The target businesses of this acquisition include tmall products and services, tmall global products and services, among which, tmall products and services include drugs sold on tmall (including through tmall supermarket), formula food for special medical purposes, and medical devices, adult products, health care products, medical and health services only sold on tmall supermarket. Tmall global products and services includes the following products and / or services sold in tmall global, drugs, medical devices, health care products, formula food for special medical purposes, medical and health services.

As of the financial year ended March 31, 2019, the total volume of commodity transactions generated by the acquisition of the target business is about 9.575 billion yuan, and the number of active buyers in the year is about 35.8 million. As of January 31, 2020, more than 530 businesses have been authorized by tmall and Taobao China to sell target products and services on tmall platform.

Alibaba health is the flagship platform of Alibaba Groups double H strategy (health and happiness) in the field of big health. With the groups advantages in e-commerce, Internet finance, logistics, big data, cloud computing and other fields, alihealth takes users as the core, promotes pharmaceutical e-commerce and new retail business through all channels, and provides comprehensive online and offline integrated solutions for the big health industry.

At present, Ali healths business mainly focuses on the fields of medicine e-commerce and new retail, internet medical, consumer medical, intelligent medical, etc. As of the first six months of September 30, 2019, the total volume of commodity transactions (Gmv) generated by tmall pharmaceutical platform operated by alihealth exceeded 37 billion yuan. As of the first 12 months of September 90, 2019, the number of annual active users of tmall pharmaceutical platform is 160 million.

According to the latest financial report data, in the first six months up to September 30, 2019, Ali health achieved a year-on-year growth of 119.1% in operating revenue to 4.117 billion yuan; a year-on-year decline of 3.1 percentage points in gross profit to 25.1%; an operating profit of 29.39 million yuan, a significant improvement over the loss of 70.584 million yuan in the same period of last year.

Previously, Hubei Province actively connected Ali health, Aikang state guest and other platforms to promote online consultation services launched by the platform for the epidemic. As of February 5, more than 4000 doctors from all over the country have participated in the online consultation services of Ali health, Aikang Guobin, meinian health and Hengsheng Yuntai. Ali health volunteer platform has been launched on Alipay and Taobao mobile phones. Data show that most of the platform visits come from Hubei province.