Real Madrid: cant afford Barcelona: Yes! The most strange top 4 of the kings Cup in 17 years

 Real Madrid: cant afford Barcelona: Yes! The most strange top 4 of the kings Cup in 17 years

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are the three traditional top Spanish football players. But none of the three teams have made it to the last four of the Copa del Rey this season. Barcelona, Real Madrid, have made it to the last eight, while Atletico Madrid have been knocked out by the third level team in the 1 / 16 final. In the history of the kings cup, this is the first time in 17 years that the traditional three strong teams have not joined hands with the kings Cup four strong teams. In 2003, verva, La Coruna, Mallorca and Osasuna made it to the top four, and Mallorca won the championship.

Bibas victory tonight also set two records. In the 117 year history of Barcelonas Kings cup, Biba is the first team to beat out the Rossoneri in extra time. Barcelonas record of six consecutive seasons in the kings Cup final was also ended tonight by the Basque lions.

After entering 2020, Barcelonas decline seems inevitable. In just four weeks, Barcelona have lost two Champions League titles in a row. In the semi-final of the Western Super Cup, Barcelona lost 2-3 to Atletico Madrid, so Baldwin left school. Tonight, Barcelona are again blocked by Biba in the kings cup.

Top four strangers in Kings Cup

This season in the kings cup, Biba and the royal society are obviously hot winners. Biba is one of the best defensive teams in La Liga. The team only conceded 17 goals in 22 league matches, ranking third in defense level. In this season, Bibas two games against Barcelona and Real Madrid even conceded 0 goals. Royal Society is very powerful, the team 22 rounds of 37 goals in the attack performance in the fourth place. If Granada and milandez want to win the title, they can only continue to pray for the miracle.

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