Real Madrid super precious own dragon ball! Bernabeu gives applause to recall him in advance

 Real Madrid super precious own dragon ball! Bernabeu gives applause to recall him in advance

In the 22nd minute, Isaacs shot was knocked out by Real Madrid goalkeeper areola. Erdgao took the ball outside the penalty area and shot far away. The ball flew into the goal between areolas legs. Royal society took the lead 1-0 away! After erdegaos goal, his teammates came forward to celebrate, but he just smiled, but he didnt do too much celebration, which is also a respect for his old club Real Madrid.

21-year-old erdegao is Norways most promising midfield star. He joined Real Madrid in 2015, but later failed to make a foothold in Real Madrids first team and was rented to multiple teams. This season, Edgar was loaned by Real Madrid to the Royal Society, and made a wonderful play, becoming the attack core of the team. This game is also the first time for Edgar to break the deadlock.

Real Madrid players Jerome and Benzema made a series of threats before Edgar scored, but since Edgar scored, royal society has gradually played with more confidence. In the second half, the Royal Society once controlled the game and scored goals continuously through counterattack. The 64th minute, already 3-1 leading royal society replaced Eugene Edgar, Bernabeu and even Real Madrid fans gave him applause.

Edgar is on loan to real for two seasons, but real are ready to take him back early at the end of the season and believe he can have a place in the team. We are very happy with the growth of erdegao, said Real Madrids top player, Matteo Butragueno, before the match. He is mature, but I hope today... But butragnos prediction did not come true. Edgar made a wonderful performance against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu stadium, and made Real Madrid fans more eager to recall him as soon as possible.

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