Global Times: the hospital is the battlefield

 Global Times: the hospital is the battlefield

At this critical moment, we must all unite to save more patients lives and avoid more people being infected with the disease that Dr. Li Wenliang and others first warned. Now the whole country is supporting Wuhan and Hubei. We must win this war.

The public welfare foundation awarded the admonished doctor 100000 yuan: he dared to tell the truth

He is a person who is responsible for his work, is real and dare to tell the truth. His behavior objectively allows more people to have an early prevention of the virus. This is the evaluation of Wuhan Doctor Li Wenliang by Beijing gratitude public welfare foundation.

On January 31, the first 100000 yuan of special contribution support was allocated by the Beijing gratitude Public Welfare Foundations Guardian support action project and awarded to Li Wenliang, a doctor of Wuhan Central Hospital.

Rumor was admonished to the doctor: I dont think I belong to rumor. I am reminding

Nearly a month after the incident, eight rumor makers in Wuhan were praised as Zhugeliang in advance by Zeng Guang, chief epidemiologist of China CDC.

One of them is Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist of Wuhan Central Hospital. The reporter of Beijing News learned from Li Wenliang that at 5:43 p.m. on December 30, 2019, he mentioned in his classmates that seven SARS cases have been confirmed in South China fruit and seafood market. An hour later, he added in the group, the latest news is that the coronavirus infection is confirmed and virus typing is in progress..

Li Wenliang, a Wuhan doctor who was admonished: I havent had my license revoked

On the afternoon of December 30, 2019, Li Wenliang, a doctor of Wuhan Central Hospital, released the information about the epidemic situation of the seafood market in South China among his classmates. Not long later, he was warned and admonished by the local police station for publishing untrue statements on the Internet. Li Wenliang told reporters in Nandu that after the admonition incident, he had been working on the front line, and it was untrue to say that the doctors license was revoked. On January 8, he met a patient with viral pneumonia of unknown causes, and then he also had symptoms such as cough and fever. His parents were hospitalized in another hospital for fever and vomiting.