Can the HSI grasp the opportunity to break through?

 Can the HSI grasp the opportunity to break through?

The market is concerned about OPEC and allied countries production reduction, and the international oil price is slightly higher. On Thursday, NYMEX oil rose 0.67% to $51.09 a barrel, while Brent crude oil futures fell 0.1% to $55.21 a barrel.

COMEX gold futures rose 0.47% to $1570.2 an ounce, while Comex silver futures rose 1.18% to $17.81.

On Thursday, the Hang Seng Index rose sharply, opening higher in the early morning and staying higher in the afternoon. As of the close, the Hang Seng Index rose 2.64% to 27493.7, with a turnover of HK $131.73 billion.

The Hang Seng index continued to perform strongly yesterday, breaking through multiple average lines in one fell swoop on the fourth day of rebound, and encountered some upward pressure near the 27700 gap. But from the height of the rebound, it is in line with previous expectations. In terms of technical form, at present, the average support strength of the bottom of the Hang Seng index is acceptable. If there is no major negative in the short term, the downward adjustment range will not be too large. From the perspective of weekly level, the previous short position pattern has been significantly improved. Next, the Hang Seng index is expected to challenge the 27700-27800 level.

Overnight, U.S. stocks continued to rise. On the news, the first phase agreement signed by China and the United States began to play a role in mobilizing market risk investment sentiment. With the steady development of China US relations and the enhancement of market confidence, Hong Kong stocks will also benefit from this in the future. However, the market is still experiencing a cyclical rebound, but with the pressure of the Hang Seng ADR, to some extent, it indicates that the upward momentum is likely to weaken, and the high profit has been made, so investors still need to be cautious.

It is self-evident that A-share market in the mainland will be affected by a good trading environment. The investment climate in the global market has improved, and the long-term development trend of the two markets will continue.

In terms of sectors, the market has now entered a differentiation situation, which may remain for some time, and the subsequent differentiation may be more obvious. Education, online service, medicine and other sectors are still the mainstream in the near future. Chinese traditional medicine (00570), Wuxi Wuxi (02359), New Oriental online (01797) and other sectors deserve further attention.

In addition, if Hong Kong stocks continue to make efforts, securities companies will also receive financial attention, and individual stocks such as CSCI (06066) are expected to usher in a new round of market.