Two public raised funds are increasing in a single day to boost the confidence of A-share war

 Two public raised funds are increasing in a single day to boost the confidence of A-share war

On the same day, the amount raised by Wanjias independent innovation exceeded the limit of 3 billion yuan as agreed in the fund offering announcement and was allocated in proportion.

However, fund explosion is not a common phenomenon, and not all fund issuance is good. Industry insiders said that the issuance of new funds is a double day of ice and fire. Affected by the epidemic, many funds announced to postpone or extend the raising period.

Unexpected burst

We are quite surprised that Penghuas value growth scale can reach 7 billion. February 6, a source of sales channels told reporters.

In fact, even in the optimistic expectation before the Spring Festival, relevant people think that it is ideal for Penghua to raise 3-5 billion yuan in value growth.

And the sudden outbreak makes expectations more pessimistic.

On the first day of the fund-raising on February 3, due to concerns about the impact of the epidemic, Penghua value growth issued a notice before the opening of the market, adjusting the fund-raising period from February 3, 2020 to February 28, 2020 to February 3, 2020 to March 5, 2020, extending the fund-raising period by 6 days.

Unsurprisingly, on February 3, the first day of Penghuas value growth and raising, and the first trading day after the Spring Festival, the A-share market fell sharply at the opening, and the three major indexes -- the Shanghai Composite Index, the Shenzhen Composite Index and the growth enterprise market index all fell sharply, with closing adjustments of - 7.72%, - 8.45% and - 6.86%, respectively.

However, the three indexes rose 4.36%, 8.40% and 12.05% in three days. On February 6, a shares rose for three days in a row, unexpectedly forming a wave of maverick market. Retail investors were pessimistic and panicky about a shares before that and sold them to jiacang.

On February 6, confidence in the market was completely restored. This day is the fourth day of Penghuas value growth issuance. On that day, it sold more than 5 billion yuan in China Merchants Bank alone, accumulating nearly 7 billion yuan in all channels.

On the same day, Wanjia announced that the amount raised exceeded the limit of 3 billion yuan agreed in the fund sale announcement and ended the raising ahead of time.

Market participants did not expect that Penghua value growth and 10000 independent innovation, two new funds, ended their fundraising in advance in only four days under the impact of the epidemic.

In fact, investors enthusiasm for new equity funds is unexpected, but it seems reasonable.

People from the Sales Department of a fund company told reporters that they have been very busy recently. Not only the new equity funds, but also the old ones have been sought after. At present, there are many institutional subscriptions, and they have not redeemed them.

In response, Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai open source fund, said on February 6 that the current A-share market has ended the stage of panic decline and entered the stage of shock recovery. The confidence of investors has been boosted to a certain extent. The appearance of money explosion shows that investors are still confident in the market. There will be more investment opportunities in the capital market in the future.

Ice and fire

Penghuas value growth and the unexpected hot issuance of ten thousand independent innovation funds have increased confidence in the issuance of new funds. However, fund explosion is not a common phenomenon. At present, many new funds are facing difficulties.

Not all fund issuance is good now. Many new funds have recently announced an extension of issuance, indicating that other new fund issuance is not good. Yang Delong said.

We originally planned to issue an equity fund after the Spring Festival, because of the impact of the epidemic, we delayed the issuance plan. On February 6, a Shanghai fund official told reporters.

According to the public information, since January 30, nearly 10 funds, such as Dongfanghong Hengyang five-year fixed opening, YONGYING technology driven, e-fonda Hong Kong Securities ETF, Minsheng outstanding configuration six-month holding period, and bocom Ruisi three-year fund, have announced to postpone the raising period; In addition, a number of funds, including Pengyang Jingruis three-year fixed opening hybrid fund, Guangfa Huizes one-year fixed opening fund, Debang Ruihengs 39 month fixed opening fund, and ChuangJin Hexin Xinyi fund, extended the raising period.

According to wind data, 116 new funds are currently being issued (a C categories are calculated separately, the same below), of which 29 are issued after February 3. Among 116 new funds in issue, equity market related funds include 17 equity funds and 36 hybrid funds.

Chen Xuanmiao, the proposed fund manager of Penghua value growth, said that after a short-term market shock, a shares are now in a rare gold pit. At present, the Shanghai composite index is located at 2800, with an overall valuation of only 12 times. Both the point and the valuation are at the bottom of history. Even looking at the world is a very attractive valuation depression, which provides a very good time window for new funds to build positions.

Huang Xingliang, the proposed fund manager of Wanjias independent innovation, also said that the sharp adjustment of the market would be a better buying opportunity.

Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Yang bin_nf4368