973 people were quarantined due to poor process management of a fever clinic in Tianjin

 973 people were quarantined due to poor process management of a fever clinic in Tianjin

At 10:00 a.m. on February 1, a patient with fever and coughing for a week went to Wuqing from Beichen District by an appointment car, and arrived at the fever clinic of Wuqing District Peoples Hospital at 10:32.

According to the report of Wuqing District, during the course of the patients medical treatment, the receiving doctor repeatedly inquired about the epidemiological history without abnormality. The chest film examination and blood routine examination all indicated bacterial pneumonia. After the chest CT examination, the patient was comprehensively determined as a common fever patient and was hospitalized in the respiratory department.

On the evening of February 3, the disease control center of Wuqing District tested the new coronavirus nucleic acid of the patient. At 3:20 a.m. on the 4th, the result showed weak positive. The disease control center of Wuqing District sent the sample to the city disease control center for recheck, and the recheck result also showed weak positive. On February 4, experts from the Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention went to the District Peoples hospital to guide the prevention and treatment measures of the patients on the spot. In the afternoon, they took samples again and sent them to the Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention for nucleic acid detection. The results were negative. On February 5, the city CDC took another sample for testing. After the test result was positive, the patient was transferred to Haihe hospital for treatment, becoming the 70th confirmed case.

There are no problems on the surface, but there are problems in the process of operation. At the press conference, Wu Lixiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Wuqing District Committee and executive vice president of the District, admitted that the case had three cautions and lessons for the process management of fever clinic: first, we should be very careful in the identification of fever outpatients, especially the patients who need to be admitted to the general inpatient ward for further treatment, and we must make careful decisions after the expert groups consultation, study and judgment. This case has not passed the expert meeting Diagnosis and case discussion; second, Tians case was actually admitted to the same ward with his brother after being hospitalized, thus forming a risk of cross infection. His brother has now passed three nucleic acid tests, and the results are all negative. He is also in isolation treatment as a close contact of Tian. This treatment mode also exposes that our hospital is not vigilant in the process of diagnosis and treatment, and the operation is not standardized; third, the identification of fever patients, if further examination is needed, such as CT, B-ultrasound and other methods, must be isolated from the general outpatient and ward, and must not leave the protection scope of the hot diagnosis.

After personnel classification and in-depth investigation, the peoples Hospital of Wuqing District sorted out 973 isolation personnel to be controlled, 739 of whom were transferred to the centralized isolation point for observation and isolation, and 234 patients were hospitalized for isolation treatment.

At present, the preparations for the required centralized medical observation points in Wuqing district are ready. Under the guidance of epidemic experts, relevant isolation personnel are being organized to transfer safely one after another.

Wu Qi, group leader of the municipal medical treatment expert group for pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, said that the case brought thinking and Enlightenment to the medical staff. As a new disease, it is a new challenge for doctors, and will bring many difficulties in differential diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, it is particularly hoped that our medical staff will be vigilant enough to deal with more complex situations with the greatest sense of responsibility. At the same time, Wu Qi also called on patients to give detailed information to doctors.

On February 6, according to the official wechat official account of the Information Office of Fuzhou Municipal Peoples government issued by Fuzhou, a doctor of the peoples Hospital of Lean County of Fuzhou concealed his illness and continued to practice medicine, resulting in close contact among many people. The public security organ has intervened in the investigation.