Li Wenliang, a Wuhan doctor who was admonished: my license was not revoked in ICU

 Li Wenliang, a Wuhan doctor who was admonished: my license was not revoked in ICU

Li Wenliang told reporters in Nandu that after the admonition incident, he had been working on the front line, and it was untrue to say that the doctors license was revoked. On January 8, he met a viral pneumonia patient with unknown cause, and then he also had cough, fever and other symptoms. Since January 24, he has been treated in the ICU of respiratory department of Wuhan Central Hospital, and his parents have been hospitalized in another hospital due to fever, vomiting and other symptoms.

Li Wenliang said that he is not in danger of life at present and can recover most of his lung function in about half a month. With regard to future plans, he said, the epidemic is still spreading and does not want to be a deserter. After recovery, we still need to go to the front line.

Li Wenliang.

Nandu: how are you doing now?

Li Wenliang: I have been in the intensive care unit of our hospital. Recently, I have been injecting, but I still cant breathe autonomously. I need to take high flow oxygen. The mental state is better. You can type on and off with your mobile phone. At present, I am not in danger of life, but it will take a long time for my lung function to recover. The family members were unable to enter the intensive care unit. Thank you very much to the colleagues in the hospital. They bought a lot of daily necessities for me.

Li Wenliang: at 5:00 p.m. on December 30, 2019, I sent a paragraph in the wechat group of my college classmates, 7 cases of SARS diagnosed in South China seafood and fruit market. Later, I also sent a message to the group to emphasize that virus typing is in progress. Please dont spread it outside and let your family and relatives pay attention to prevention. On January 3, I was told to go to the police station and fill out an admonition.

According to the admonition book, illegal acts are untrue statements posted on the Internet. I thought it was settled not to be detained, so I signed it.

Screenshot of chat.

After this happened, I still worked normally in the hospital.

Nandu: How did you get infected?

Li Wenliang: on January 8, I interviewed an 82 year old female patient with acute angle closure glaucoma. We usually contact patients without special protection. When patients come, they dont have fever, so Im careless. But the next day, on the 9th, she had a fever. When her CT is done, I highly suspect that she is viral pneumonia. Because CT showed that her symptoms were ground glass lesions of both lungs, which was the manifestation of viral pneumonia. Moreover, the common virus infection, mycoplasma and Chlamydia infection have been excluded. However, because the hospital has not yet used the kit to test the confirmed patient, she was not confirmed at that time. She was hospitalized on January 8 and I had cough symptoms on January 10. Then I developed severe symptoms and was admitted to intensive care.

Nandu: how are your family?

Li Wenliang: my parents also have ground glass lesions of the lung. At present, they are hospitalized in other hospitals in Wuhan, and there is no life risk for the time being.

My wife and children are not in Wuhan at present. They are safe. Now I chat and video with my lovers wechat every day, and they will give me encouragement.

Nandu: is there any pressure after releasing screenshots and spreading?

Li Wenliang: the screenshot I posted in wechat was too widely spread. However, seeing that everyone supports me, I am more relaxed and moved. I am optimistic about my illness. It is estimated that it will take half a month to lie in bed before most of the lung function can be restored.

Nandu: what are the plans after recovery?

Li Wenliang: after recovery, we still need to go to the front line. The epidemic is still spreading. We dont want to be deserters! As for the future of the epidemic, I havent thought much about it.

Doctors in Wuhan said that seven cases of SARS have been diagnosed and were admonished: when the disease is cured, it will be on the front line