Emergency spread! The driver of No. 377 bus in Shenzhen confirmed to be in urgent need of passengers

 Emergency spread! The driver of No. 377 bus in Shenzhen confirmed to be in urgent need of passengers

The driver is Yao Mou, driver of No. 377 bus of No. 4 team (Baige cage team) of the second branch of Shenzhen east public transport group.

On February 1, 2020, one of Yaos family drove back to Shenzhen from Yushui District, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province. On February 4, Yaos wife was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. On February 6, Yao and his son were all positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid, and were isolated and treated in a designated hospital.

According to Yaos driving record, at 8:50 a.m. on February 2, he went with No. 377 bus, from West Lake Hotel station to Futian transportation hub, and then changed trains from the station to Baige cage station. The number of passengers in each bus was 4-6. Yao spent most of his time in the middle and back of the bus, wearing a mask.

On February 3, Yao drove back and forth from Baige cage station to Futian transportation hub at 14:30 and 19:30 respectively, with 4-8 passengers per trip.

On February 4, Yao was suspended from work.

According to the investigation of the driver himself and the relevant personnel of the bus company, Yaos attendant and the bus he drove opened windows for ventilation during the whole journey, the driver wore protective masks, and the vehicle was cleaned and disinfected after returning.

The city and district centers for Disease Control and prevention have sent staff to investigate, identify the close contacts, isolate the family members and relevant colleagues of the patients, and disinfect the vehicles of Yaos residence and public transportation company. At present, no cases have been found in Yaos bus company, and close contacts have been isolated for observation. In addition, the disease control department called on the public to compare the driving time of Yao. If you have taken bus No. 377 during this period, please contact the disease control center of Longgang District at 138235068480755-28932299.

Attached table: bus No. 377 driver Yao

Wang Hai, deputy to the provincial peoples Congress, suggested that the unified Spring Festival holiday be extended for another week to February 16, and return to work on February 17, in case of new pneumonia, and suggested that the government should issue corresponding support policies for enterprises.