How can enterprises survive the epidemic after returning to work? Experts gave 25 solutions

 How can enterprises survive the epidemic after returning to work? Experts gave 25 solutions

Recently, the chain catering enterprises first said they would not go. The news of Xibei youmian village loan can only last for March was swiped on the screen. Jia Guolong, chairman of Xibei catering, called on the state to support the bottom line at the last moment. Fu Congxuan, chairman of laoxiangji, said that the state needed to introduce policies to reduce taxes and rents. Guan Yihong, chairman of jiumaojiu group, also hoped that the government could have policies to reduce taxes or subsidies. Rakai Zapi Chen Ning, CEO of Saab, also suggested that the state should provide job stabilization subsidies to enterprises that do not lay off workers.

This is a typical black swan event. In the past, Chinese enterprises attached great importance to cash flow rather than cash reserves. With cash flow, they will continue to grow, but they did not expect that in extreme cases, cash reserves can survive.

This impact not only has a great impact on companies highly dependent on offline traffic, but also has a great impact on Internet Co due to the vigorous development of O2O and the great enhancement of online and offline integration.

How to live? Listen to the practical advice of these entrepreneurs and experts.

Chen Chunhua: challenging extreme cost reduction

The new crown epidemic has a huge impact on Chinas economic operation. How should enterprises face the pressure of economic downturn? Professor Chen Chunhua, President of BiMBA School of National Development Research Institute of Peking University, Professor of new hope six and Limited by Share Ltd co chairman and chief executive officer, provided five countermeasures and suggestions.

01 society and uncertainty in epidemic situation

The uncertainty under the epidemic situation will continue to occur, so what we need is the ability to recognize it and coexist with it. How to do this? The core is to change yourself. That is to say, we need to start to ask ourselves to accept the uncertainty under the epidemic situation as the business background. We are no longer operating in a familiar business environment. We need to understand the current situation in a new way and cognition.

I highly admire Marxs famous saying: philosophers only explain the world in different ways, but the problem is to change the world. When the crisis comes, we should emphasize the role of human beings, the subjective efforts of human beings, and the capabilities of enterprises, not the constraints of the environment. Only in this way can we truly get along with uncertainty and the turbulent world.

02 strengthen confidence in self-development

The impact of the epidemic is indeed worrying, but if the environment becomes a business condition, we need to face not only the environment, but also the adjustment of the enterprise itself.

I do my own research on leading enterprises. In the research on companies with a history of more than 100 years, I find that the leaders of these enterprises and the companies they lead may be in a benign environment or a crisis filled environment; they may be in a high growth field or an industry where growth has stagnated. However, these leaders and their leading companies have achieved unparalleled growth through their own hard work. Year after year, whether the economy is in a period of prosperity or recession, maintaining growth is their unswerving belief.

03 evolutionary coping rather than predictive judgment

In a constantly changing environment, no one can predict and make judgments and choices through prediction. In this case, the right way is to make good preparations for adjustment again and again in a specific direction, and strive to constantly verify and change in the process of progress to adapt to the changing reality. In too many uncertain markets, continuous and flexible adaptability is the ability you must master.

The extension of the Spring Festival holiday and how to deal with the epidemic after returning to work need dynamic response from enterprises. Many enterprises have adopted flexible and effective working methods. Some enterprises have started online working mode, and some enterprises let employees learn in virtual groups. I think if these enterprises make full use of this special working time, they may bring different ability improvement effects.

04 limit cost reduction

Under todays epidemic situation, we need to have a stronger sense of crisis, more firmly carry out the journey of self salvation, reduce costs, spin off bad business, put an end to losses and growth without quality, ensure cash flow, and at the same time ensure competitiveness. The key to achieve this is to challenge extreme cost reduction.

How to make the enterprise have real cost ability, how to make the cost is a kind of input to the customer value, not a kind of value sacrifice, this time, I emphasize to challenge the limit to reduce the cost, especially for the small and medium-sized enterprises, its basic purpose is only one, which is to expect the small and medium-sized enterprises to keep the cash flow.

Of course, in a crisis, we still need very clear direction judgment, enough courage and the ability to resist risks, as well as rational decision-making. What we need to acknowledge is that if we can find a clear direction in the crisis and increase investment, then the growth will be incalculable. In times of crisis, add and subtract the business structure, so that the company has a more effective dynamic business ability to deal with uncertainty. Once the opportunity comes, the more reasonable business structure will give the enterprise the opportunity to distance itself from other enterprises.

What is uncertain is the environment, what is certain is oneself

At the time of writing this article, the epidemic is still changing. People have already known the pressure in the first quarter and are preparing for the impact in the second quarter. People began to pay attention to the pressure brought by the return to work during the Spring Festival, and how to resume normal operation after preparing to return to work.

All this brought about by the epidemic is really too sudden and the impact is too big. However, information dissemination and authenticity are hard to distinguish, which leads to a lot of complexity. All this really makes us feel sleepy and uneasy. While we are constantly facing all this, we should also clearly tell ourselves that what is uncertain is the environment and what is certain is ourselves.

In fact, the fate of life is not determined by the environment, but by the moment of thinking. So, certainty and uncertainty, in my opinion, are an organic combination. They are determined in our own hands and in the environment. If we combine certainty and uncertainty, I believe that this uncertainty will be your opportunity and the source of your real growth.

Peng Jianfeng: 64 word living prescription

The following is written by Professor Peng Jianfeng, an honorary lecturer at Xiamen University, and chief partner and chairman of Huaxia cornerstone management consulting group. Professor e, the chief editor and chairman of Chinas cornerstone management consulting group, is edited from the publics cornerstone e insight.

Professor Peng Jianfeng integrates the experience of all parties, and proposes 8 suggestions, 64 words, to give to the small and medium-sized enterprises struggling to survive in the epidemic, to help them break through the ghost gate of the epidemic and pray for blessings.

First of all, entrepreneurs and employees should stabilize their emotions, not believe in rumors, not spread rumors, and firmly believe that the epidemic prevention and control war will win. At such a time, we should do our best not to disturb the society. To this end, as a small and medium-sized enterprise, in front of the great epidemic, at least do four things:

First, we need to strengthen unified leadership over the epidemic. Second, be a good man and not make a fortune. Third, we should not forget our social responsibility and contribute to the fight against the epidemic. Fourth, do a good job in self-protection.

02 keep warm and share the difficulties

For small and medium-sized enterprises in the epidemic problems and difficulties, through the Internet, WeChat Tucao, complain of no avail, it is better to collective voice, to the government, industry executives and social collective voice for help, to understand, at the same time help and support each other, Baotuan heating, to spend the difficult time.

First, we call on the government not to be one size fits all with enterprises. Under the premise of ensuring safety and health and under the guidance of the relevant departments of the local government, normal production can be resumed in batches as soon as possible in a rhythmic manner.

Second, for enterprises that encounter difficulties in the short term, such as catering, retail and entertainment, the business will wither and the cash flow will be in crisis during this period. We must form understanding with employees, lessors, banks and the government as soon as possible, and form support and understanding in salary control, rent reduction, interest reduction and tax reduction.

Third, call on the government to further reduce taxes and burdens on small and medium-sized enterprises.

Fourth, call on the government to establish a special assistance fund for small and medium-sized enterprises to get rid of the epidemic situation.

Fifthly, if the international trade contract cannot be fulfilled due to the impact of the epidemic situation, China Council for the promotion of international trade can issue a force majeure Certificate (the commercial certification center of China Council for the promotion of international trade has developed an online certification platform:, to help enterprises handle the force majeure proof of the pneumonia epidemic situation of new type of coronary virus infection online).

Sixth, keep warm and support each other. The upstream and downstream partners of the enterprise actively communicate and share difficulties. Enterprises with strong viability should pay more attention to and help their upstream and downstream customers, especially many enterprises in the upstream of the industrial chain, have the idea of ecological co prosperity, and shoulder the management responsibility of the industrial value chain.

03 remote office, flexible work

During the period of home-based isolation, remote work and home-based work should be actively carried out, and cross regional remote cooperation with colleagues or task teams should be carried out online. The boss can quickly arrange the work through the remote office system, and the staffs work tasks and problems can communicate with the supervisor online at any time. The temporary conference call can be held through wechat, and the regular communication system can be established.

Before the outbreak alarm is lifted, enterprises with conditions can adopt the double 1-3-1 working method to implement remote office. 1-3-1 means:

1 refers to meeting on Monday, arranging the overall work tasks of the week and work arrangements of each person, and defining the milestone nodes of the week, day and person, so as to ensure the coordination of objectives and paths.

3 refers to working at home from Tuesday to Thursday. During working at home, every morning, 10 minutes, the department or project staff will have a remote meeting to clarify their work tasks again. Every day, 30 minutes at noon, regular communication will be carried out to ensure that the work requiring multi-party coordination and interaction can be carried out in a timely and effective manner. Every night, 10 minutes, summary and review will be carried out to report the work progress of the day , submit the work results, put forward the requirements for tomorrows work, and achieve the goal of the day is clear, the day is clear and the day is high.

1 means to continue to meet online on Friday to review the weekly work completion, give feedback in time, put forward requirements, summarize experience, and form a new 1-3-1 work idea.

To do a good job of telecommuting, we should learn to use the existing instant messaging tools and office collaboration tools. Of course, in order to improve the efficiency of remote office, we should also do the following:

1. Distinguish the rest area and office area, create a good working scene, and avoid fishing;

2. Simulate the real office state, strictly follow the clock in time, implement remote clock in; the sense of ceremony is also very important, only by creating a real working atmosphere, can we achieve efficient work output;

3. Use the online communication and collaboration tools well, and share many tools above, which can be applied;

04 task segmentation and overall incentive

No matter online or online, remote or on-site office, it is all around the goal and work task. Therefore, the setting and decomposition of work objectives are as important as task subdivision, work nodes and tool paths.

Although distributed remote office is conducive to dealing with the epidemic situation, it naturally has an impact on work efficiency. This requires systematic thinking through objectives, tasks, control points, initiatives, plans, responsible persons, standards, resources and support and other aspects, which can be implemented into the daily work sheet, gradually subdivided tasks into people, and detailed work and time node standard requirements, so as to achieve synergy And alignment.

1 objectives include multiple dimensions, company level, which can be divided into department level, department level, group level and individual level. The person in charge should make the task clear to the head, the person in charge and the person cooperating with him, and ensure to undertake the goal in everything and implement the head in everything.

2. After task subdivision, due to the lack of timely feedback from management personnel, the standards of work tasks should also be clearly defined, including the standards of results, actions, abilities, etc., and the tasks should be clearly defined and the guiding functions should be improved as much as possible in a quantitative way. Telecommuting can not get timely and effective feedback, and staff motivation is also the core issue that needs attention.

u2460 During the epidemic period, first of all, we should do a good job in caring and motivating to ensure the personal and mental health of employees.

u2461 Salary incentive should not only pay attention to employees sense of gain, but also pay attention to the controllability of labor costs of enterprises. It is necessary to do a good job in the matching of fixed salary and floating salary to ensure that work has income, performance has income.

u2462 Performance incentive should pay attention to the results, but also to the process.

u2464 Cultural motivation is to strengthen the sense of mission and responsibility, let employees understand the value and significance of work, from ask me to do to I want to do.

u2465 Recognition incentives. Of course, employees are vulnerable. Under the high standard and strict requirements of work, they should also be given certain recognition incentives to let employees get recognition and recognition, and work with ease, happiness and comfort.

In addition, for the remote office without a sense of social belonging, combined with online means, we can adopt some PK games, leaderboards, virtual coins, and game based incentive means and ways of community officials to make the work more interesting and employees more passionate.

Finally, love. There is no love incentive, just a deal. Only when there is love can we form a community of common interests and a community of common destiny, so that we can jointly deal with crises and overcome difficulties.

05 save money, open source and guarantee cash

To ensure the continuous cash flow of operation is the basis for enterprises to live. As long as the cash flow of enterprises is continuous, even temporary losses will not die. Especially in the face of the great epidemic, there should be disposable operating cash flow. If the normal operation of an enterprise is not short of money, the enterprise will not die and will be able to survive. Therefore, enterprises should do the following:

1. Carefully examine the impact of the epidemic on the actual business of the enterprise, and predict the difficulty that the duration of the epidemic will bring to the company, especially the impact on the companys income and cash flow.

2. Adjust the investment strategy and reevaluate the long-term investment projects that do not have the conditions for rapid development, and suspend the long-term investment project expenditure if necessary.

3. Sort out the cost and expense of the enterprise, give priority to the resource investment in business activities and key value activities; reduce all unnecessary cost investment, reduce the cost and expense, and try to ensure the safety of cash flow.

Cherish the existing business and orders, especially the profitable products and businesses, and keep a close eye on them; try to complete the existing orders, especially overseas orders.

5. Plan to divest the realizable non core assets. The boil that should be endured, the shoulder that should be shouldered, and the one that should be shut down will be temporarily shut down.

6. Broaden the financing channels and communicate with the senior management of the bank. Based on the past good business performance, but under the influence of the epidemic situation, enterprises suffering from cash flow difficulties should strive for low or no interest loans in the medium and long term, and increase capital support.

If small and medium-sized enterprises have good projects in hand, the boss should be willing to release the equity, introduce funds as much as possible, and prepare enough food, grass and ammunition.

9. Work hard to reduce waste, improve efficiency, strengthen per capita efficiency, unit time efficiency, profit rate, quality, accident rate, growth rate, etc. with efficiency as the center, and improve the organizational efficiency of enterprises.

06 maintain customer information and bind large households

It is very important to stabilize customers, supply chain and external partners at the time of a major epidemic.

1. Establish a positive and active information communication mechanism for employees, customers and suppliers, form standard communication texts, and conduct remote communication and communication with customers in a timely manner.

2 develop solutions for the performance risk and customer relationship risk caused by the inability to resume production in a short period of time.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are attached to large enterprises. They should rely on big money, strengthen communication with industry leaders and big customers, seek understanding from big customers, let big customers and big suppliers attach importance to your existence, have confidence in you and regard you as a reliable strategic partner.

07 flexible employment and harmonious labor

Enterprises should adjust the labor system in time. Enterprises can adopt self employment, business outsourcing, flexible employment and other ways, with higher work efficiency and lower labor cost, which can reduce the risk of employment in the crisis period.

2. Seriously study the wage, overtime pay, five insurances and one fund, employee withdrawal and other issues caused by the extension of the Spring Festival holiday, and pay attention to the rights and obligations of employees during the extension of the holiday and related labor law issues.

3. If the employee has not been back to work for a long time, the enterprise may arrange the employee to wait for work after consultation with the employee. Please refer to the local notice for specific regulations on waiting for post.

4. Adjust post, salary and working hours. If the enterprise is affected by the epidemic and has difficulties in production and operation, it may, through consultation with the employees, adopt such methods as adjusting the salary, rotating the positions, shortening the working hours, etc. to stabilize the work posts, and try not to reduce or reduce the number of layoffs.

5 stop production. Some units may choose to stop production due to difficulties in production and operation.

In the face of the epidemic, we should strive to maintain a harmonious industrial relations.

7. The enterprise should do a good job in psychological counseling and adjust the employees psychology to a positive and healthy working state as soon as possible.

08 insight into the changing situation and the great epidemic

In the SARS period of 2003, the rise of Jingdong and Taobao is still in sight; after the great epidemic, the changes of peoples consumption concept and consumption mode will bring new market demand and new business forms. The relentless penetration and strong deep integration of online mode and offline mode will promote the innovation of intelligence, industrial Internet and business model.

During the epidemic, entrepreneurs and senior executives discussed the companys strategy online, saw new opportunities, reexamined their core capabilities, promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and industries, made clear what they were going to do, made good products and services, and led a cadre team.

Business model innovation and development. For example, for home isolation, meituan launched contactless distribution, and the Spring Festival archives took the lead in challenging and changing the traditional courtyard mode of Xu Zheng.

3 take this opportunity to completely transform offline with internet thinking and promote high integration of online and offline.

4. Discuss the post epidemic market trends and seize new opportunities. New development opportunities are generated behind each major event, such as e-commerce, short video, games, online education, knowledge payment, online office and collaboration software, home entertainment equipment and other businesses, which will encounter unprecedented development opportunities, and high-tech industries such as unmanned retail, unmanned catering, drone distribution will rise strongly. After the epidemic, the change of peoples eating habits will promote the high-quality and sustainable development of agriculture, animal husbandry, catering industry and food industry.

Enterprises rely on emotional intelligence to deal with crisis, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in the current difficult period, leaders still have to say something you want to do in a way that everyone can accept and be encouraged. Therefore, when the enterprise holiday is over, the leaders should prepare a commencement speech carefully at the first meeting of resuming the labor union and awakening.

Xu Xiaonian: enterprises and financial institutions need to negotiate to overcome difficulties

Its not significant to discuss the impact of the epidemic on GDP. I dont care much about these figures. What I should really care about is whether many small and medium-sized micro private enterprises can survive.

How to look at the impact of the epidemic on the macro-economic and micro level enterprises? How to deal with macroeconomic policies? How to help the small and medium-sized micro enterprises affected by the epidemic?

The following is the answer of Xu Xiaonian, a famous economist in China. The text is excerpted from the new Beijing News and has been deleted.

In the short term, the impact of the epidemic on the service industry is very large. At present, the proportion of the tertiary industry in GDP is far higher than that in 2003, and the impact of the epidemic on Chinas economy is greater than that of SARS in 2003.

The indirect impact of the epidemic on the economy is no less than the direct impact. In order to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic, strict isolation must be implemented, which will slow down the turnover of enterprises, especially the capital chain of small and medium-sized private enterprises. Im afraid that the situation of some small and medium-sized micro private enterprises will become difficult, and there may be a large area of small and medium-sized micro enterprises closing down, while small and medium-sized micro enterprises are related to 70.8% of urban employment, which cannot be ignored.

In the medium and long term, the epidemic will not bring a devastating blow to Chinas economy as some self media have said. At present, the civil authorities work together to prevent and control the epidemic. Referring to the previous cases of SARS, the new crown pneumonia will affect the Chinese economy for two or three quarters at most, and will not change the long-term trend. The long-term development of the economy is mainly determined by the internal fundamentals.

In the medium and long term, Xu Xiaonian has confidence in Chinas economy. First, the worse the economic situation, the greater the hope for reform and the greater the strength of reform. Many reforms are forced out. Second, from the micro level, the vitality of private enterprises in China is very strong. In the popular words of the Internet, if you give some sunshine, it will be brilliant.

02 in the short term, it is necessary for the government to take targeted measures to help private enterprises ease difficulties

The future and hope of Chinas economy lies in the private enterprises, not only in the state-owned enterprises, but also in the private enterprises. Under the pressure of the economic situation, many private enterprises are really looking for ways to transform and innovate. More and more enterprises want to learn from Huawei, and more and more enterprises talk about R & D, digital, Internet and innovation. These phenomena are encouraging.

Its like self destruction of the Great Wall if you dont treat private enterprises well. The general secretary received entrepreneurs in 2018. Last year, the government issued 28 articles to support private enterprises, which shows that the central government attaches great importance to the private economy.

In reality, the living environment of private enterprises is difficult in recent years, which may worsen further under the impact of the epidemic. In the short term, it is necessary for the government to take targeted measures to help private enterprises alleviate the difficulties. The fundamental problem to be solved in the long term is the protection of property rights and fair competition. Its not enough to send a few administrative documents, a governor or a mayors speech. When the mayor is transferred, the past commitments will not count. Its still up to the property rights and fair competition guaranteed by law.

How to help enterprises in trouble affected by the epidemic?

Now private enterprises and state-owned enterprises still have different treatment. It is difficult for private enterprises to raise funds. It is easy for state-owned enterprises to obtain loans from banks. Some state-owned enterprises act as two dealers of funds and lie down to earn money from preferential policies. Is this fair?

Let the water released by the central bank flow into the fields of small and medium-sized enterprises

In terms of monetary policy, Xu Xiaonian believes that it is more important than policy easing to solve the problem of poor transmission of monetary policy. How to solve it? At this time, he suggested that we should appropriately relax market access control, improve regulatory efficiency, and restore or rebuild the capillaries of the financial system.

In order to cope with the impact of the epidemic on small and micro enterprises, the CBRC has also issued a lot of policies, requiring that banks of enterprises affected by the epidemic should not blindly withdraw loans or cut off loans. Xu Xiaonian said:

Dont make administrative orders all in one. On the basis of reciprocity, let enterprises and financial institutions negotiate and solve specific problems. Both sides understand that if the bank breaks the loan, the enterprise will become the banks bad debt. On the contrary, if the enterprise doesnt repay the loan and the bank cant maintain it, who will lend to you in the future?

To restore or rebuild the capillaries of financing for small and micro enterprises, we need to deregulate. As long as there is no violation of market rules, enterprises can do it. We cant take orderly competition as an excuse. We should take care of this as well as that. We should take care of enterprises and industries.

To justify the loan assistance business. The loan assistance platform is equivalent to the secondary contractor between large banks and small and micro enterprises. This kind of business information has low cost and high efficiency, which can effectively help large banks to lend to small and micro enterprises and play a capillary role.

Yu Dexiang: start work during the epidemic period, and do these four things as early as possible

In the face of the changing situation, how should entrepreneurs view this years situation correctly? How to meet the needs of the market and customers, so as to turn crisis into opportunity? How to make up for lost time and opportunities?

The following is the speech by Yu Dexiang, chairman of trad and special telephone.

Our company was scheduled to go to work on the seventh day of the first month, but the outbreak of the epidemic prevented us from returning to work on time. In order to ensure that after the epidemic, the work of the enterprise can quickly return to its place, we immediately put forward a proposal: while doing a good job in home protection, employees should enter the war readiness state and start the new start mode of home online.

The impact of the epidemic on the psychological level is relatively large, which can be summed up as panic first, then panic.

For entrepreneurs, there are two reasons for panic:

So many entrepreneurs began to panic: can my business survive? Under such circumstances, entrepreneurs start to think about capital, market and cost, and ask themselves whether they can invest again? Should it be open source or throttling?

Entrepreneurs should do what they have to do. For entrepreneurs, the only responsibility now is to do everything possible to keep the business alive. At this point, we should have confidence in the country, in our own enterprises and in the victory of the epidemic.

Every crisis is a combination of danger and opportunity. The word crisis requires entrepreneurs to look for opportunities in danger. At this time, intelligent entrepreneurs should do a good start in advance to prepare for the new years bow (work) and arrow. So in this case, we put forward the new start mode of teleid and telephone.

We put forward the new start mode, specifically referring to the three in three make-up one research and one promotion:

Third, let employees work at home, work in groups, online training.

Third, supplement: supplement the summary and analysis that has not been completed in 2019; supplement and improve the work thinking of 2020 strategic landing; supplement the reflection and measures that usually have no time to do.

I. Research: study the work deployment of strategic landing in 2020 in advance, advance some work in the first half of the year to the present for research, make thorough research, make arrangements, make landing measures, and make some specific assessment objectives.

In this process, we must adhere to two principles: follow the three directions (problem oriented, goal oriented, customer-oriented) and flexibly use the 336 working method. (our own 336 work method: find out the difficult problems, key problems and problems that need to be improved, and formulate the executable and quantifiable objectives and closed-loop landing measures)

One promotion: during this period of time, through learning to improve personal ability, study professional courses, and achieve the improvement of personal comprehensive ability.

We also launched the training of Trinidad University to improve the wisdom of enterprise management cadres, so as to achieve the following six goals through such learning:

1. Improve the wisdom of leaders

The so-called wisdom of leadership is to refine the ability of competent people, the insight and decision-making power of leading cadres. The wisdom of leaders should be learned so that the leading cadres of enterprises can improve their positions, improve their patterns and open their minds. On this basis, we can gather people who are more able than ourselves.

2. Improve management wisdom

What is enterprise management? I personally believe that the efficient realization of enterprise objectives is enterprise management. Between two points, the straight line is the shortest. To improve the management wisdom is to always find the nearest way to achieve the goal efficiently.

3. Improve the wisdom of innovation

Innovation is the ability to subvert ourselves. We need to subvert ourselves and change ourselves so as to achieve one step ahead and one step ahead. For every entrepreneur, innovation and self revolution have always been a problem. But we must accept such problems and dare to accept them.

To evaluate whether a marketing person is excellent, it depends on whether the customer respects you and whether the order will follow you in the future.

5. Improve product intelligence

What is a good product? It is to make the customer look like it. The more you use it, the more you like it. How can users like a product if they dont even like it after reading it? I like is the standard to measure a good product.

6. Improve the wisdom of the team

What I care about most is the wisdom of the team. What is a good team? I sum up as a sentence: when we are together, our hearts are not tired.

Many venture capitalists: the most important thing to survive is cash

In the special period, enterprises are faced with survival pressure. At the head of the crisis, instead of waiting to die, it is better to fight hard to minimize losses, retain strength and wait for the past outbreak to start again.

So, in this years special circumstances, what should enterprises do? In this regard, a number of investors and entrepreneurs have given specific suggestions, which can be summarized into four aspects: salary payment, work arrangement, remote coordination, cost reduction and efficiency increase. The following is from the public number deep sound, with deletion.

In the eyes of investors and entrepreneurs, the most important thing in the current situation is to strictly control costs and dead cash. The most important thing is to survive and wait for spring. The specific recommendations are as follows.

Jingwei venture capital said that if the enterprise is really unable to bear the human cost, it is recommended to communicate with the employees through the department head frankly. In addition, the salary or rest plan can be clearly stated through email or other work communication software, and the employees should clearly state their position as far as possible, such as receive, know and agree to implement according to the companys arrangement. If there is any employee suspected of suffering from or diagnosed with new pneumonia, care and help shall be given as much as possible, and corresponding salary shall be paid in time according to the stage of the employee.

Second, how should enterprises arrange their work? Safety is a prerequisite.

Although the time of returning to work has been delayed in many places, the business of the enterprise still needs to be operated. How to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise when the staff cant arrive at the post normally? Some founders of start-up companies give their own suggestions combined with practice.

Deng ya, founder of AI Shangai, an online education company, suggests that employees should be safe first. According to the relevant national policies, make a thorough investigation of employees conditions and assist them to take protective measures; it is recommended to make plans for employees to arrive at the post in batches to avoid returning to the office during the rush hour of traffic; the internal temperature measurement, disinfection, cleaning and other work of the company should be in place, and gloves, masks and other supplies should be prepared for each employee as far as possible.

CEO Chang Xinglong, the founder of human resource management system, gives specific implementation methods from the perspective of personnel specialty

One special subject, led by HR, set up a special epidemic group to solve employees problems in time;

Two incomes is to collect information on epidemic situation, local security situation, staff return to work, etc. externally, and collect information internally by questionnaire or other convenient tools;

Third, how to coordinate the remote work? Clear objectives and strict assessment are the methods.

Deng ya, founder of AI Shangai, pursues five principles of telecommuting.

First, set up work objectives, set up corresponding work methods, processes and management measures, specific to the daily workload of employees and details of arrangement, feedback, communication, inspection and supervision.

The second is to unify the internal management measures of the company through three meetings of director level, director manager and director manager employee.

Third, we should strictly assess and help employees to enter the working state.

Fourth, we need to make sure that the work day is clear and the work day is completed through two meetings to ensure efficiency.

Fifth, we need to adopt special performance evaluation standards to mobilize enthusiasm.

CEO Chang Xinglong, the founder of salaried peoples salary, also has four ways of landing.

First, refine the granularity of tasks, and HR takes the lead to break down large tasks into specific and clear time bound tasks;

Second, deal with work evaluation in time, plan early and resume late, and encourage active release of collaborative risks;

Third, HR needs to start some actions in advance to reduce the risk of team iteration;

Fourth, establish a complete online compliance process.

Fourth, how to effectively reduce cost and increase efficiency?

Sequoia China suggests that entrepreneurs should pay attention to cash flow and integrate their own development and social responsibility. It is necessary to measure the possible impact of cash flow on the companys business when the sales decline in a short period, while the fixed operating cost and management cost such as rent and human cost remain unchanged.

Zhu Xiaohu, a Jinshajiang venture capital, also said, when SARS broke in 2003, I was still starting my own business. In that year, the management only paid the basic living expenses, and only paid the salary after the balance at the end of the year. This year is more severe than SARS, which is a life and death barrier for many start-ups. He suggested that enterprises should strictly control the cost and cash in case of dead card. At least, they should keep the cash for six months under the assumption of no income, preferably 12 months. According to this, the cost should be calculated back.

How to do it? Deng ya, founder of AI Shangai, suggested that we should strive for rent concessions, reduce office space, reduce manpower and reduce operation. For example, we should cut half or even two-thirds of the budget for advertising, activities, travel and so on, and the evaluation standard should also be based on effect.

At present, the crisis has overcome difficulties. Holding on means everything. As Zhu Xiaohu said, kneeling means living. Its spring to endure!

In a word, those enterprises that are not strong enough in organization, systematic management and execution will face crisis even after the epidemic slows down. This crisis is a test you cant get around on the road of stronger. Source: boxed rice Financial Editor: Zhang Meiyu nf2100

In a word, those enterprises that are not strong enough in organization, systematic management and execution will face crisis even after the epidemic slows down. This crisis is a test you cant get around on the road of stronger.