180000 masks detained in Liucheng, Guangxi Mengzi, Yunnan Province: unqualified products

 180000 masks detained in Liucheng, Guangxi Mengzi, Yunnan Province: unqualified products

According to the investigation, the mask that the netizens reflect is the mask that the Mengzi Municipal Public Security Bureau received after the transfer of the clues by the Mengzi Municipal Public Security Bureau in February 2nd. There are more than 140000 masks of more than 30 varieties in this batch. There are no formal procedures, no product name, manufacturers name and address indicated in Chinese, and no product quality inspection certificate. Some of the products may be unqualified due to package damage and expiration. On February 5, Mengzi municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau sampled the samples and sent them to provincial inspection institutions for quality inspection. After the inspection institutions issue the inspection results, they will deal with them according to law.

During this period, on February 4, three staff members from Liucheng, Guangxi came to Mengzi Public Security Bureau to detain the interface cover. Mengzi Municipal Public Security Bureau case handling police informed the other party that the masks had no formal procedures, unclear source and quality, and needed further investigation and handling. The staff of the other party expressed their understanding and left immediately.

According to netizens, the masks donated to Xinyang, Henan Province and Hongan, Hubei Province were detained in Mengzi. At present, Mengzi city has not received any other official letters related to masks, and the Public Security Bureau of Mengzi city has not detained any other masks.

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February 6, 2020

According to the Internet, 180000 masks of Xinyang were detained in Mengzi City, Yunnan Province: seized according to law

Today (February 6), a netizen named NowNow said that his former colleague raised a batch of masks to donate to Xinyang, which was in short supply, but was detained by Mengzi City, Yunnan Province. A total of 180000 masks were withheld, and Guangxi leaders, one of the payees, sent people to pick up 1000 kilometers, still carrying official letters and two police officers.