More confirmed cases and deaths of new crown pneumonia than official figures? Ministry of foreign affairs response

 More confirmed cases and deaths of new crown pneumonia than official figures? Ministry of foreign affairs response

As of 24:00 on February 5, 1153 cases had been cured and discharged, and 563 cases had died.

Since February 4, the number of newly confirmed cases in non Hubei areas has declined for two consecutive days.

Q: it is reported that there are more confirmed cases and deaths of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus than those officially announced. Whats your comment on this?

A: the Chinese government puts peoples life safety and physical health first. It has always been in an open, transparent and highly responsible attitude, timely notified information, strengthened international cooperation, established a national system, gathered the strength of the whole country, and took the strictest and most thorough measures to fight the epidemic. The national health and Health Commission and Wuhan health and Health Commission hold press conferences every day to report relevant measures and progress. Chinas open, transparent, highly responsible attitude and resolute and forceful measures have been universally and positively recognized by the international community.

We have noticed that there are some rumors and lies about this epidemic, which are more terrible than the virus itself. You should note that the director general of who has repeatedly stressed in recent days that it is hoped that all parties will not believe and spread rumors. Some countries and relevant government departments have also stepped up efforts to take decisive measures to punish the producers and disseminators of rumors of the epidemic.

Q: it is reported that due to the outbreak of pneumonia, China is considering negotiating with the us to use the relevant provisions of the first phase of the China US economic and trade agreement on unforeseen circumstances such as encountering natural disasters. What is Chinas comment on this?

A: I dont know. Please ask the relevant departments.

Q: it is reported that Lai Qingde, a Taiwan official, went to the White House during his stay in the United States to meet with officials of the United States National Security Council for about 70 minutes. Does China think this is a sign of the hot political and security relations between Taiwan and the United States? What is the impact of this?

A: China firmly opposes any form of official exchanges between the United States and Taiwan. This position is consistent and clear. China has made solemn representations to the US side on the US sides permission for Lai Qingdes activities in the US. We urge the US side to abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques, to stop official US Taiwan exchanges, not to arrange any form of contact between us leaders, government officials and members of the national assembly and Lai Qingde, to handle Taiwan related issues carefully and properly, and to stop sending wrong signals to the Taiwan independence forces, so as to avoid serious damage to Sino US relations.

Q: some countries have taken extreme restrictions to stop flights with China. What is Chinas response to this?

A: after the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, China has taken the most thorough and strict prevention and control measures, and the prevention and control work is making positive achievements. Who highly appreciates Chinas effective measures to deal with the epidemic, and has repeatedly stressed that it does not approve or even oppose restrictions on Chinas travel and trade. In response to some countries overreaction measures, such as flight suspension, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) also issued an announcement, strongly urging countries to follow the WHO recommendations.

We express our dissatisfaction and objection to the countries concerned that ignore the professional authority suggestions of who and do not comply with the announcement of ICAO, and have made serious representations to the countries concerned. Instead of helping to prevent and control the epidemic, the relevant practices create panic, seriously interfere with the normal international personnel exchanges and cooperation, and interfere with the order of the international air transport market.

We urge the countries concerned to consider carefully and not overreact. Starting from maintaining the overall situation of bilateral exchanges and cooperation, we should not restrict the airlines of both sides to operate flights. We should immediately revise the policies and correct the practices in accordance with the recommendations of who and ICAO, so as to show our support for Chinas fight against the epidemic with practical actions.

Q: Bloomberg reported that measures such as the temporary closure of Wuhans exit from China are having positive effects, and that the spread of the new coronavirus in other parts of China is slowing down. This reflects a deeply rooted concept of giving up small family for everyone in Chinese culture, which Chinese leaders call for to continue to carry forward in difficult times. Whats your comment on this?

A: I have taken note of this report. There is a well-known song in China called the country. The song home is the smallest country, and the country is tens of millions has sung the hearts and minds of countless Chinese people. She Xiaojia is the core gene of Chinese culture and the spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation. She Xiaojia is a powerful spiritual force that unites the Chinese people. After the outbreak, the Chinese government has always put the life safety and physical health of every citizen first, and made every effort to ensure that every patient is treated in a timely manner. At the same time, in the current prevention and control of the epidemic, there have been many touching stories of giving up the small for the big and giving up the family for the country. The Chinese peoples family feelings have been fully demonstrated and interpreted in the common fight against the epidemic.

As president Xi Jinping said yesterday when he met with Prime Minister Hong Sen of Kampuchea, the Chinese nation came through hardships and hardships. China is confident, capable and confident to win the prevention and control of the epidemic. We are willing to continue to strengthen cooperation with the international community, not only to safeguard the life safety and health of Chinese citizens, but also to contribute to international public health.

Its snowing in Beijing these two days, but its spring. From winter to spring, everything is renewed. The Chinese people are united in fighting the epidemic and will surely win the battle.

Q: some officials of some countries suggested that their citizens leave China as soon as possible, for fear that China would further impose travel restrictions and it would be difficult to guarantee to fly out of China on commercial flights in the coming weeks. Whats the response of the spokesperson?

A: thats all speculation.

Since the outbreak, the Chinese government has always attached great importance to the life safety and health of the Chinese people and foreigners in China, and has taken the most strict and comprehensive prevention and control measures, many of which are far beyond the requirements of the WHO recommendations and the international health regulations. At present, the safety, health and life of foreign citizens in China are guaranteed. CAAC has also taken a variety of effective measures to ensure the safety and health of passengers on international flights and minimize the spread of the epidemic through aircraft. We hope that all parties will treat the epidemic situation and Chinas prevention and control work calmly, rationally and objectively, and do not overreact.

Chinas attitude is very clear: Chinas civil aviation will not be suspended. The Chinese government will continue to make every effort to bring back Chinese citizens stranded overseas.

Q: two days ago, you introduced the number of foreign citizens in China who had been diagnosed with infection, and the relevant services provided by China for foreign citizens in China to learn about the epidemic situation. Has the number of foreign citizens diagnosed in China been updated? What other measures will China take to address the needs of foreign citizens in China?

A: we always put the life safety and health of the Chinese people and foreign citizens in China first. We have invested a lot of medical and living resources to fight against the epidemic. As of noon February 6, 19 foreigners in China had been diagnosed with pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, 2 of whom had been cured and 17 were being quarantined.

China has always attached great importance to the legitimate concerns and demands of foreigners in China, especially foreign citizens in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and has actively taken effective measures to address them. Earlier, I introduced that all localities and departments in China provide timely epidemic information and related consultation for foreign citizens in China, and increase the push of multilingual epidemic prevention and control information. The Ministry of foreign affairs and relevant local governments hold a briefing on epidemic prevention and control for foreign embassies and consulates in China to respond to the concerns of foreign countries in a timely manner. Hubei Province focuses on strengthening the epidemic prevention and treatment of foreigners, according to the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment mechanism and the requirements of strengthening grid prevention and control work, to do a good job in guiding foreign patients to see a doctor. China has also strengthened its guarantee and assistance to foreign citizens. Many local provinces and cities have incorporated local foreigners into the working mechanism of grass-roots governments and street communities, to ensure their needs in life, epidemic prevention, treatment and other aspects, and to take assistance measures for foreigners living in their residences. Many foreigners in China appreciate Chinas concern, help and positive measures. China will continue to care about the safety and health of foreigners in China, as well as their own citizens, and ensure their living and working conditions.

Q: we have noticed that the Wall Street Journal published an article yesterday entitled China is the real sick man in Asia, using the pneumonia epidemic to attack China. What is Chinas comment on this?

A: I have taken note of this report.

This author, Walter Russell Mead, you should be ashamed of your words, your arrogance, your prejudice and your ignorance.

I would like to draw Mr. Meads attention to the following sets of figures: in 2009, the death rate of H1N1 in the United States was as high as 17.4%. In addition, according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention at the end of 1 month, the 2019-2020 flu season in the United States has resulted in 19 million infections and at least 10 thousand deaths. In comparison with the actual situation of the pneumonia epidemic in China, may I ask Mr. Mead whats your comment?

Q: Recently, the International Press Center (IPC) has asked foreign journalists returning to Beijing from other places to isolate themselves for 14 days. What is the rule? Are the relevant requirements for all Chinese and foreign people in Beijing, or only for foreigners in Beijing?

A: at present, China is in an extraordinary period of fighting the epidemic. Out of concern for the safety of peoples lives and health, Beijing and various places have issued separate notices to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic. Chinese people all understand it, actively cooperate with it and implement it.

Out of concern for foreign journalists in China, IPC kindly reminded foreign journalists in China to pay special attention to their physical health and personal health protection during this period, and to comply with local regulations and relevant arrangements for external interviews to prevent infection. Many foreign journalists and friends have expressed their thanks for our kindness and concern, and all of them are very understanding and cooperative.

Q: in view of the current pneumonia epidemic, will China postpone this years two sessions?

A: I didnt hear about it. We are going all out to win the battle of prevention and control as soon as possible.

Q: it is reported that China took back 147 Wuhan citizens stranded in Singapore yesterday. Will China pick up Chinese citizens who are still staying in other countries?

A: because some countries do not respect the professional authority of who, do not comply with the announcement of ICAO and take extreme restrictive measures such as flight interruption, some Chinese citizens stay abroad. The Chinese government attaches great importance to and cares for them, and the Ministry of foreign affairs and Chinese embassies and consulates abroad actively assist them in returning to China by changing air tickets and transferring to other countries. At the same time, efforts are being urgently coordinated to assist the stranded personnel to return home by resuming flights and other means.

It must be stressed that the practice of some countries to stop flights to and from China is not calm, rational or wise, which directly affects the normal bilateral personnel exchanges and cooperation. China expresses its serious concern and strong dissatisfaction. It is hoped that relevant countries will resume normal flight operation as soon as possible in order to safeguard the overall interests of bilateral relations and the interests of the people, and provide guarantee for normal personnel exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

I would like to emphasize once again that CAAC will not be suspended. China will continue to make every effort to bring back Chinese citizens stranded overseas.

Q: will China ban the entry of citizens from other countries affected by the pneumonia epidemic?

A: we believe that in the face of the epidemic situation, the top priority is to unite, strengthen cooperation and make joint efforts to defeat the epidemic situation as soon as possible.

As far as I know, Chinas visa agencies abroad and port visa agencies operate normally, and foreigners can enter China normally in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations. If there are any problems, you can refer to the official website of Chinas National Immigration administration, micro-blog WeChat public address, or to the 24 hour duty telephone 86-10-66265110.

Q: some countries may consider reducing education cooperation with China, such as studying abroad, for fear of being affected by the pneumonia epidemic. Is China doing the work of these countries in order to maintain relevant cooperation with them?

A: we are confident to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and continue to promote exchanges and cooperation with other countries in various fields, including education.

Q: Based on the current epidemic prevention measures taken by China, has China set a timetable for epidemic control?

A: we hope that through the joint efforts of the people of the whole country and close cooperation of the international community, we can defeat the epidemic as soon as possible, the sooner the better.

Q: we note that the Chinese Consul General in New York recently expressed his gratitude to the US people, especially the NBA, who support Chinas anti epidemic efforts. Does this mean that Chinas attitude towards us assistance has changed?

A: after the outbreak of the epidemic, people from all walks of life from many countries, including some enterprises, institutions and friendly groups in the United States, have expressed support and provided help to China in the fight against the epidemic. We thank the international community for all its sincere and kind help and support.

Q: there is a video of Indonesian police singing Wuhan cheer song on the Internet, which is all the rage on local social media. He also prayed for the people of Wuhan in the video. It is understood that he has never been to China before, but he can sing some Mandarin songs. Whats your comment on this?

A: there is no love for the epidemic. In the tough time of Chinas fight against the epidemic, there are many lovely ordinary people like the Indonesian police named Hans, who cheer on Wuhan and China through social media from all corners of the world. The slogan come on Wuhan has been heard all over the world and is well known by people all over the world.

Please tell this Indonesian friend that the epidemic will pass. We welcome all friends who support Wuhan and love China to visit China, especially Wuhan.

Q: it is understood that Professor Huang xiu7486, 79, is a designer of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital. He was born in Indonesia. Indonesian netizens are proud of him. Whats your comment on this?

A: Thank you for your concern and concern about Chinas fight against the epidemic. Mr. Huang xiu0ba7 was born in Indonesia and grew up in China. He enjoys a high reputation in the construction industry, especially in medical construction, and has made important contributions to Chinas fight against SARS and the epidemic. Thank you for your attention to Huang Lao. I believe that Huang Lao will also be impressed by his birthplace. We hope that China Indonesia friendship will continue to deepen and produce more fruitful results.

Q: it is understood that Indonesian students who recently returned to Indonesia from Wuhan are in good condition. At present, no new coronavirus infection has been found in Indonesia. What is Chinas comment on this?

A: since the outbreak, China has made every effort to ensure the life safety and health of foreign citizens in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and provide them with necessary assistance and convenience. I am very pleased to learn that the Indonesian students who have returned to China are in good condition, and welcome them to return to China to study and live as soon as possible after the outbreak.

Its said that some Indonesian people have some panic about their return home, which is totally unnecessary. The World Health Organization has made it clear that the new pneumonia epidemic is not a global epidemic, and it is hoped that everyone will treat the epidemic calmly, rationally and scientifically, and not listen to rumors and overreact.

Q: the Beijing municipal government said three days ago that those returning to Beijing who have no contact history in Hubei can go to work normally if their temperature is normal. What is the reason why IPC requires foreign journalists to be self isolated after returning to Beijing?

A: in the current situation, in the face of the epidemic situation, everyone should be highly responsible for their own and others health, actively take responsibility for personal disease prevention, fulfill their obligations, and work together to overcome the epidemic situation. Dont you think IPCs kind reminder is out of care and love for your and others health?

Hua Chunying said that after the outbreak, the Chinese government always put the life safety and physical health of every citizen first, and made every effort to ensure that every patient received timely treatment. At the same time, in the current prevention and control of the epidemic, there have been many touching stories of giving up the small for the big and giving up the family for the country. The Chinese peoples family feelings have been fully demonstrated and interpreted in the common fight against the epidemic.