Dalis cutting Hu mask in Chongqing was reported to the media: what are you robbing

 Dalis cutting Hu mask in Chongqing was reported to the media: what are you robbing

In Dali, Yunnan Province, the impression of many people mainly comes from Mr. Jin Yongs novel eight parts of Tianlong and shooting carving trilogy. Duans six pulse divine sword and one Yang finger in Dali are also upright martial arts and fascinating places in the movie and TV plays.

In an epidemic situation, several masks made Dali in Yunnan Province catch fire again thousands of years later.

After encountering mask materials, a person who has always had beautiful scenery and legend of martial arts did something unusual, such as cutting off Hu and a batch of mask materials in Chongqing.

After the incident was exposed, there was a public outcry. There are hot topics on social media, such as the expropriation of masks by Dali municipal government and the return of materials to Chongqing.

On the afternoon of February 6, Yunnan criticized the expropriation of epidemic prevention and control materials in Dali City, and Dali city also responded with sincere apologies, and dismissed the two persons responsible for the emergency expropriation of Chongqing masks and punished them with administrative demerit.

Although Dali in Yunnan has been a remote place since ancient times, how can there still be the behavior of this tree is planted by me, this road is opened by me, if you want to leave here and buy road wealth? Its hard not to be the same as the Dali Prince Duan who became a monk at the beginning, some people in Dali like to do something extraordinary?

A number of masks passed Dali and were forcibly expropriated by the local government! Isnt it magical?

The key point is that these materials are the emergency materials purchased by enterprises designated by Chongqing municipal government for epidemic prevention and control in Chongqing. In addition, Huangshi entrusted Chongqing to help buy some of these materials.

It is important to know that Huangshi and Chongqing are both severely affected areas in this new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

It is dramatic that life-saving materials in the severely affected areas were cut off halfway.

After the materials were cut off, Chongqing municipal government sent a letter to ask for them. As a result, Dali municipal government has already sent them to the front line, no more.

Why does Dali cut off Hu mask? The reason is not hard to understand.

With the continuous development of the epidemic situation, the shortage of masks, protective clothing and other materials has become a common phenomenon in various regions. When the epidemic comes, local governments are working hard to consider the future needs of the local people and ensure the interests of the local people. This urgent psychology can be understood.

But Dalis cutting off the beard is wrong, because everything must be done according to the rules.

The first rule is to say something first.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, the whole country is fighting against the epidemic, every province is not easy, but after all, the situation is different. Huangshi, Hubei Province, and Chongqing are both heavily affected areas.

First of all, Huangshi has reported 566 cases as of 24:00 on February 5, of which 57 cases were newly added on February 5, which is worthy of the name of the serious epidemic households; then look at Chongqing, as of 24:00 on February 5, 389 cases were reported in Chongqing, 13 cases were newly added on February 5; then look at Dali, as of 24:00 on February 5, 8 cases were reported in total.

Compared with the three groups of data, it is not difficult to see that Chongqing and Huangshi need these masks more urgently.

In front of the data, how is Dali holding the mood of epidemic emergency to deduct this material?

Regardless of others, do not speak reason, keep mask eat ugly even if, since the reason does not speak, then the second rule, always to speak!

The second rule is that we should always talk about the law.

During the critical period of fighting against the epidemic, is it lawful for Dali to cut off Hu like this?

According to the law on emergency response and the law on prevention and control of infectious diseases, the peoples government at or above the county level has the right to expropriate relevant materials for the purpose of controlling the epidemic situation, lawyers said. However, the law on the prevention and control of infectious diseases stipulates that local governments at or above the county level can only requisition materials within their own administrative areas. If the requisition involves nationwide or cross provinces, autonomous regions or municipalities directly under the central government, it shall be conducted by the State Council.

No matter the emergency response law or the law on prevention and control of infectious diseases, Dali can not find the basis for requisition of materials of relevant units. However, although the measures for emergency requisition and compensation of Yunnan Province can be used as the basis for requisition, it is a local government regulation and violates the provisions of the upper level law. According to Article 45 of the law of the peoples Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases, its the work of the State Council to expropriate across administrative regions. Frankly speaking, Dalis cutting off Hu due to arrogation.

The law does not allow for the small interests of one place to move the big cake of other places or even the whole country. Thus, it can be seen that the materials of other administrative regions in Dali are neither legitimate nor reasonable.

To win the prevention and control of epidemic situation is to fight a war without smoke of gunpowder.

What does it take to fight? Guanzi said: the force out of a hole his country invincible, out of two holes his troops are not out, out of three holes can not raise troops, out of four holes his country will die.

That is to say, unified allocation of resources, unified deployment of major events, and unified listening to orders by all, so that the cohesive force can be invincible.

In the same way, if we want to succeed in the fight against the epidemic, we must have unified command and coordination of materials.

In the February 3rd meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC, general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that Party committees and governments at all levels must resolutely obey the unified command, unified coordination and unified operation of the Party Central Committee and stressed that all regions and departments must strengthen their sense of strength and overall situation, and demanded that all work should be fought to prevent and control the epidemic. To provide support has pointed out the direction of efforts and provided important guidance for the next step of epidemic prevention and control and the great victory of this severe struggle.

To overcome the epidemic, we need to work together, and we need to fight it according to law. The harder it is to prevent and control the epidemic, the more we must adhere to prevention and control according to law. In front of the epidemic situation, all regions must frame the epidemic prevention and anti epidemic behavior within the framework of the rule of law, and abandon the idea of ready to move.

At present, there is no place to stay out of the epidemic. This is a national anti epidemic war. In the final analysis, Chongqing and Dali are all family friendly. How can they still do their own business of robbing their own people? Dali needs masks in case of epidemic, right? But will Hubei and Chongqing need masks more?

Just think, if every province and city is the same as Dali, if we have nothing to do, wed better hoard a little before we have anything to do, and wed rather have no one else to do without ourselves, wouldnt it be a mess?

What war is there to fight against? How to form a strong joint force to go through danger and turn danger into opportunity? This epidemic has cost us a lot. Some people have lost their health, some have lost their lives, some have lost their families In such a difficult time, the people of the whole country should have been in the same boat and overcome the difficulties together. How could they have been in such a dilemma?

The news of Dalis cutting Hu mask in Chongqing reminds people of a classic line in Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimaos leading role and supporting role:

Captain, dont shoot. Its me!

Look, everyone is a family. At the moment of epidemic, what to rob!