The Wall Street Journals use of the title to insult China has aroused strong controversy

 The Wall Street Journals use of the title to insult China has aroused strong controversy

Because in addition to taking advantage of the current new coronavirus epidemic to doom Chinas economic prospects, this article also uses a vicious title that even some employees of the newspaper cant believe - China is the real sick man of Asia.

As shown in the above figure, this review article published on the Wall Street Journal website did use the shocking title China is the real sick man of Asia in its headline.

Although this review article, written by Walter Russell Mead, a conservative diplomat in the United States, is in itself downgrading Chinas economic and development prospects in a tone of extreme arrogance and ignorance through the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the title China is the real sick man of Asia that the Wall Street Journal attached to this article is worse than the article itself And there is no such insulting text in the title of the article.

According to Geng Zhige, even some employees inside the Wall Street Journal are unbelievable that the editors of their newspapers comment department will match the article with such a title.

On twitter, an overseas social platform, the official account of the Wall Street Journal and the personal account of Walter Russell Mead, the author of the article, have also been denounced by many Chinese netizens and demanded an apology.

Even some non Chinese foreign netizens think the title is extremely inappropriate.

The insult to China, the title of sick man of Asia, is still on its official website and social account.

At todays regular press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said: this author, Walter Russell Mead, should be ashamed of his speech, your arrogance, prejudice and ignorance.

Ambassador Feng tie said that since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, the Chinese government and people have been fighting the epidemic with all their strength, and some compatriots have unfortunately lost their precious lives. The international community has expressed sympathy and support to the Chinese government and the Chinese people, and many countries have also extended assistance. At this time, the Japanese daily mail published insulting cartoons, which greatly hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. The national flag of China is a symbol of the peoples Republic of China, which is sacred and inviolable. The Chinese people value the position of the national flag in their hearts. To desecrate the national flag of China is to insult China and the Chinese people.