New world by sun Honglei, Zhang Luyi is frustrated in the workplace

 New world by sun Honglei, Zhang Luyi is frustrated in the workplace

With the development of the plot of new world, the unknown side of many characters has also been revealed. Although Feng Qingbo, played by Zhao Zheng, appears to be a member of the Communist Party, his real identity is the secret service agent of the Kuomintang secret Bureau, who has killed several peace negotiators in the city. Recently, Jin Hai, the prison chief played by sun Honglei, decided to help Tian Dan, the female Communist Party member played by Wanxi, to eliminate traitors after learning the real identity of Feng Qingbo. Tonight, he will take advantage of Feng Qingbo to invite the emperor to enter the Urn. Can Jinhai arrest this two faced spy who has a good command of both hands and eyes?

In sharp contrast to the steady Jinhai is Tielin played by Zhang Luyi. Although the two were sworn brothers, Tielin didnt have the consciousness of elder brother, and only wanted to make a great progress. But he, who just became director, will learn the terrible truth about his promotion tonight. In shock and anger, what will Tielin do? Is he willing to go back to meet the new world with his brothers, or will he be completely blackened?

Yin Fang locks the suspect Wan Qian and performs reasoning show

In last nights plot, little red coat, the serial killer who killed Xu Tians fiancee Jia Xiaoduo in the first episode, appeared again. This time, because of his temporary motivation, he left a lot of on-the-spot evidence, even witnessed by witnesses. Xu Tian, who has been tracking down the whereabouts of little red coat, will lock in new suspects tonight. Tian Dan also launched a logical and meticulous reasoning show based on the murder weapon and evidence. Can they trace the real murderer when the justice responsibility and brain responsibility in Beiping city are officially combined?

Yesterday, song Guanwang, an important witness played by Song Dandan, went online and surprised the audience. Tonight, there will also be an actor, Li Chengru, on the stage. How will his appearance affect the direction of the case? For more highlights, please watch the popular TV series new world on Beijing TV and Oriental TV at 19:30.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322