Qingdao and Shenyang hold each others prevention and control guarantee materials? Qingdao: materials returned by Shenyang

 Qingdao and Shenyang hold each others prevention and control guarantee materials? Qingdao: materials returned by Shenyang

Recently, the Internet circulated a letter about please help to temporarily detain relevant prevention and control guarantee materials, which asked Qingdao Customs to temporarily detain a batch of protective materials such as medical masks purchased from South Korea by enterprises entrusted by Shenyang.

This letter is dated February 4, and is signed by the material support group of Qingdao new coronavirus infected pneumonia prevention and control headquarters. The seal is the seal of Qingdao development and Reform Commission.

In order to prove the authenticity of the letter, the first financial reporter called the contact information left in the letter. Mr. Liang, who answered the phone, said that the letter was true, but the problem had been solved and the letter had been withdrawn on the evening of the 5th.

According to the letter, Qingdao entrusted Sinopharm Group Qingdao company to purchase 100000 N94 masks from South Korea, which were seized by Shenyang Customs. Another 150000 N95 Japanese masks were also in the radiation range of Shenyang Customs.

Later, Qingdao learned that the protective materials such as medical masks purchased by Shenyang from South Korea will be boarded by planes and ships from South Korea to Qingdao and from South Korea to Weihai on February 4 and 5, ready to ask Qingdao Customs to assist in temporarily detaining these materials, so this letter was sent.

Liang, a staff member of the above-mentioned Qingdao prevention and control headquarters, told first finance and economics that in the current special period, this should not be done. After negotiation between the two sides, the problem has been solved. Shenyang has returned Qingdaos materials and Qingdao has also withdrawn the letter.

Recently, there have been many cases of local seizure of protective materials. Previously, Dali in Yunnan expropriated donated medical masks to Chongqing, Huangshi and other places, causing strong dissatisfaction of the destination government.

On February 2, according to the emergency response law, the law on the prevention and control of infectious diseases and the measures for emergency requisition and compensation of Yunnan Province, Dali city of Yunnan Province expropriated the relevant masks, not only those transported to Chongqing, Huangshi and other regions, but also a batch of 112000 masks transported to Cixi, Zhejiang Province.

This afternoon, Yunnans official microblog @ Yunnan released a message that the headquarters of the epidemic work leading group in Yunnan Province should issue a notice of criticism to Dali municipal government and Dali Health Bureau for the requisition of epidemic prevention and control materials.

The circular pointed out that recently, Dali Health Bureau implemented urgent requisition of masks sent to Chongqing by Dali branch of Yunnan Shunfeng Express Co., Ltd. This practice has seriously affected the work of prevention and control of the epidemic in brother provinces and cities and the feelings with the people in brother provinces and cities. Now it is decided to criticize Dali municipal government and Dali municipal health and Health Bureau in a circular, and order them to return the requisitioned materials immediately.

According to the circular, all departments in the province should take this as a warning, learn from the lessons, focus on politics and the overall situation, and never allow similar incidents to happen again. If they happen, they will be held responsible seriously.

Article 45 of the law of the peoples Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases stipulates that in the event of an outbreak or epidemic of an infectious disease, the State Council shall have the right, according to the need of controlling the epidemic situation of the infectious disease, to mobilize personnel or transfer reserve materials in an urgent manner throughout the country or across provinces, autonomous regions or municipalities directly under the central government, and the local peoples governments at or above the county level shall have the right to temporarily requisition houses, vehicles and related materials within their respective administrative areas Facilities and equipment.

According to the law, only the State Council has the right to requisition materials across administrative regions, while governments at or above the county level can only requisition materials within their own administrative regions, legal people told first finance and economics.

Dali detains 112000 masks donated by Cixi citizens? Party: true

Today (February 6), a picture of the consultation letter of Cixi Municipal Peoples Government on the release of a batch of medical masks was spread in the circle of friends. The picture shows that Cixi citizens purchased 112000 medical masks to donate to the front line of anti epidemic, and were detained in Dali. The reporter contacted Ms. Yin Wenting, who said it was true. After many times of communication with the other party, only 12000 masks arrived in Cixi, but 100000 were detained. This morning, Dali Health Bureau returned the payment for 100000 masks.