Fake piaoan mask is as thin as cicada wings and flows into many markets. Seven suspects are arrested

 Fake piaoan mask is as thin as cicada wings and flows into many markets. Seven suspects are arrested

The fake and shoddy piaoan masks flowing into Changsha market in Hunan Province can be easily torn by hand. Picture provided by interviewee

A thin gauze like mask, which has not been sterilized, was put into the packing bag printed with the words Henan piaoan Group Co., Ltd. by workers. This is a video that has attracted attention on the Internet recently. The workshops where masks are made are dark and noisy. Raw materials and semi-finished products are scattered everywhere. The health condition is worrying.

The reporter of Beijing News learned from the Public Security Bureau of Changyuan City, Henan province that the person in charge of the black workshop involved had been detained by the police. However, after the police cut off the production line of this fake mask, consumers in Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Liaoning and other places reported that they had bought the suspected piaoan mask.

Beijing News reporter learned that at present, many public security and market supervision departments intervene in the investigation after receiving consumer complaints, and investigate and deal with the merchants involved. Among them, the procuratorate of Changyuan City, Henan Province approved the arrest of seven people who made and sold fake masks.

Changyuan police destroyed the production of fake masks workshop, without any sterilization equipment. Video screenshots

The masks sold in the drugstore are broken as soon as they are pulled, and the consumers report it

In recent days, consumers in Beijing, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Sichuan, Anhui, Shenyang and other places reported to reporters of the Beijing news that they had bought fake masks of piaoan brand in drugstores or supermarkets.

On February 4, Hu, from Macheng, Hubei Province, told the Beijing news that he had bought a bag of disposable masks in a local drugstore. Two crossed blue stripes were printed on the transparent packing bag. The brand and name of the masks were piaoan brand disposable masks, 20 in each bag. Each mask was mostly a thin layer, just like a gauze, which could be broken with a slight tear.

Mr. Hu said there are other local pharmacies selling such masks. On February 1, he reported the case to the market supervision authority. At that time, the staff of the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Macheng replied that they had bought fake and inferior masks. At present, the fees have been refunded and the merchants involved have been punished. The source of the fake masks is still under investigation.

On February 5, Mr. Sun, who lives in Fengtai District of Beijing, told the Beijing news that in order to prevent the epidemic, he spent 56 yuan to buy two bags of piaoan disposable masks, more than 10 in each bag, with different colors of purple and blue.

Mr. Sun said that he didnt care about the number of masks, the manufacturer and the thickness at first. Later, after reading the relevant news reports, he found that the masks he bought were suspected of being fake and shoddy. After inspection, the mask package he bought was not printed with production date and shelf life, and there was no inspection certificate.

The reporter of Beijing News noted that the packaging bag of piaoan mask purchased by the above interviewees was printed with the contact information of Henan piaoan Group Co., Ltd. After the reporter called, the other side said that it had not produced the mask with the package and color, and believed that the mask purchased by the consumer was fake and shoddy. At present, Mr. Sun has reported to Beijing 12345 public hotline, waiting for the relevant departments to handle.

Mr. Sun bought piaoan mask in yuanhenrikang pharmacy with only one layer. Picture provided by interviewee

Drugstore: not inspected before putting on the shelves for sale, alarm has been given

Ms. Jiang, a citizen, said that on the evening of January 23rd, she bought four packs of piaoyan masks at seven branch stores of baihaotang pharmacy, Chaoyang Road, Beijing, totaling 80 yuan. The texture of the mask is also only a thin layer, no anti bacteria effect.

To this end, a person in charge of Beijing baihaotang Pharmaceutical Business Co., Ltd., the parent company of baihaotang pharmacy, responded that the masks in the pharmacy became tight and even out of stock for a while due to the spread of the epidemic. After purchasing masks from wholesalers, the company put them on the shelves for sale without strict inspection. At present, the company has begun to recall them. Consumers go to their chain drugstores with certificates and masks, and the staff will deal with them.

We are also victims. The person in charge said that at present, the company has reported to the market supervision and Administration Bureau and the public security bureau about the fake and shoddy piaoan masks, and is waiting for the law enforcement department to track down the production dens of masks and the specific handling results.

The reporter of Beijing News reported to the market supervision department where the drugstore concerned is located and the hotline of 12345 citizens in Beijing. The other side said that it was currently investigating.

On the e-commerce platform, there are merchants selling piaoan masks and claiming that one false one will pay ten. Network screenshots

E-commerce is suspected of evading platform supervision and selling fake masks

In addition to offline supermarkets and pharmacies, some e-commerce and wechat businesses are also suspected of selling fake masks. Mr. Sun, a citizen of Beijing, told the Beijing news that on January 25, his wife bought piaoan brand masks in a store called yiruiya accessories franchise on the platform of the east of Beijing, which cost 98 yuan a bag and contained 20 masks. After that, I paid attention to the relevant news reports and found that the purchased masks were basically the same as the fake masks in the reports.

Mr. Sun said that after the event, he contacted the online store involved to reflect the problem, but the other side has been responding to the system. It is hoped that the merchants will recall masks, and the platform and law enforcement departments will punish the merchants and trace the source of goods.

From February 2 to 4, the reporter of Beijing News noted that the e-commerce involved was still operating normally, but all masks had been removed from the shelves. As for the situation reported by Mr. Sun, the manual customer service of the e-commerce involved responded that it was being processed. On the afternoon of February 6, Jingdong platform customer service said that Mr. Suns situation would be transferred to the Commissioner for handling.

In addition, the reporter of Beijing News searched on several e-commerce platforms with the keywords of piaoan and piaoan mask, and found that the platform had blocked or removed the commodities related to the keywords. There are also e-commerce platforms that have issued the mask ban. As of February 4, 15 stores suspected of selling masks have been permanently returned, and 5 stores have been handed over to law enforcement agencies for handling.

The reporter of Beijing News noted that even in this case, there are still e-businesses selling fake piaoan masks by changing product information, staggering keywords, etc. the colors of masks sold are different, including black, pink, yellow, etc., and there are even businesses marking the words one pay ten or seven days leave without reason on the product details page.

The reporter of Beijing News reported the above situation to the customer service of e-commerce platform, and the other side said that it would deal with relevant issues.

An e-commerce platform merchant modifies commodity information to avoid keyword supervision. Network screenshots

More than 2 million fake floating safety masks have been found in the market

On January 29, the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, inspected a medical equipment Co., Ltd. according to relevant clues, and found 240000 fake piaoan masks, which were detained; on January 30, the market supervision bureau of Feidong County, Anhui Province, received reports from the masses and investigated Hefei yuyongda medicine The fake and shoddy piaoan masks being sold by the third Feidong store of the housing Chain Co., Ltd. were seized.

In addition, Luohe in Henan, Huanren in Liaoning, Putian in Fujian and Changsha in Hunan all found fake piaoan masks entering the market and selling them. On the afternoon of February 5, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the police in Changsha, Hunan Province that in the case of fake and shoddy masks recently investigated by the police, nearly 2 million fake and shoddy piaoan masks have been sold.

On January 23, the kangmeiyuan health care products store of Gaoqiao pharmaceutical distribution park in Changsha City claimed that a light shop was seeking huge profits. Knowing that it was a fake, it purchased 1.06 million fake piaoan medical masks from illegal channels at a price of 0.3 yuan per mask. The next day, Zhang sold 1.06 million masks to multiple offline customers in Changsha, Loudi, Yueyang, Hengyang and other places at a price of 0.75 to 1 yuan per mask, with a sales amount of more than 780000 yuan and an illegal profit of more than 450000 yuan. After that, the masks went into the hands of clinics, pharmacies, supermarkets and micro businesses. At present, the police control 5 suspects in the case and seize 5 fake stores.

Police in Changsha, Hunan Province will control the suspects who sell fake masks. Picture provided by interviewee

According to the situation that some people sell fake masks through wechat, Changsha police introduced that in another case, the police found out that the suspect Zhang sold 850000 fake piaoan medical masks to Kuang, the operator of Gaoqiao New Deal department store, at a price of 0.06 yuan per mask, and Kuang sold them to Cui and Liu at a price of 0.12 yuan to 0.25 yuan per mask, and Cui again at a price of 1 yuan/ The price of the product is sold to Liu, who then sells it via wechat at a price of 3 yuan per product.

Seven suspects arrested in Changyuan, Henan Province

Changyuan, Henan Province, is known as the capital of medical consumables in China. After the outbreak, more than 70 medical mask manufacturers in Changyuan, Henan Province recalled employees to ensure the supply of medical masks and protective clothing, CCTV reported. According to the official website of Henan piaoan Group Co., Ltd. located in Changyuan, its sales volume of medical and health products accounts for more than 48% of the market share.

According to the statement issued by Henan piaoan Group Co., Ltd., the masks produced by the group are mainly blue, a small amount of white, and no pink masks have been produced. The formal masks produced by the group are named disposable medical masks, the number of product packages is 10, and the name of the fake masks is disposable masks, each pack is 20, and each regular piaoan Mask All have the word piaoan.

Previously, Henan piaoan Group Co., Ltd. cooperated with the local police and market supervision department to investigate and deal with several black dens. The police took criminal detention measures for the involved personnel and traced the number of sold masks.

On February 5, the reporter of Beijing News learned from Changyuan public security bureau that at 21:00 on February 4, seven people, including Zhou, Xie, Zhang, Zhang, Li, Su and Fu, were arrested by Changyuan peoples Procuratorate on suspicion of selling counterfeit registered trademarks and counterfeiting registered trademarks, and are now in custody in Changyuan detention center.

Masks are in short supply for a while. Chinese people are trying their best to find the source of goods. Illegal businesses see this point, not hesitate to sell fake masks for huge profits. Recently, an online shop owner was arrested by Wujiang police in Suzhou for selling more than 18000 fake masks of a certain brand and making nearly 80000 yuan.