Women spray alcohol on their bodies to disinfect their bodies

 Women spray alcohol on their bodies to disinfect their bodies

Some people use alcohol to disinfect,

But pay attention!

75% alcohol can be disinfected, but it is also easy to cause fire

Its important to learn how to use it correctly!

On the afternoon of February 5th, Ms. Wang, a 30 year old citizen in Hefei, went to the kitchen to cook dinner after alcohol spray was killed. Unexpectedly, the alcohol was ignited and rushed to the burn department of an affiliated hospital of an Medical University.

According to reports, on the afternoon of February 5, Ms. Wang was wearing chemical fiber home clothes. In order to disinfect her body, she turned around and sprayed alcohol several times. At that time, dinner was cooking on the kitchen stove. Less than 2 minutes after spraying alcohol, Ms. Wang went into the kitchen to see how the dishes were cooking. Before we got close to the stove, boom, the volatile alcohol suddenly exploded.

That afternoon, Ms. Wang was rushed to the burn department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anyi University. Doctors found that the patients face, hands and other exposed parts of the wound is too deep, need to be hospitalized for further treatment.

As long as peoples homes are clean

Generally, disinfection measures are not required

Fu Chen, director of Shanghai CDC, said that as long as people keep their homes clean, they generally do not need disinfection measures, unless there are confirmed patients or patients isolated at home. If 75% alcohol and 84 disinfectant are used at home, safety precautions should also be taken.

Store 75% alcohol at home, 500 ml at most, far away from the source of fire and childrens contact. Do not spray in the spray bottle, preferably with cotton. If 84 disinfectant is used, it is generally concentrated, and can be used only when it is properly diluted and equipped according to the instructions.

Important reminder!

Over 3% ethanol in air can be ignited

Chinas centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that it is important to use alcohol properly. Alcohol should not be used for large-scale spraying. It is not recommended to use alcohol to spray and disinfect clothes, cook meals, make phone calls, smoke, use electric mosquito swatters and other behaviors, which can not be carried out immediately after spraying alcohol with high concentration. When the concentration of ethanol in the air exceeds 3%, it can be ignited. When using alcohol in large quantities, alcohol volatilization increases the concentration of alcohol in indoor air, which is more dangerous than directly igniting alcohol.

When using alcohol

Please note the following:

Use of disinfectant

Please note the following

Shanghai CDC: alcohol disinfection is best to wipe with no spray.

Fu Chen said that alcohol reserves 1 bottles of 500 milliliters at home is enough, it is best to use the way of wipe, do not use spray method, away from the fire source, away from children can contact. Common disinfectants can be purchased, such as 5% 84 disinfectant, which can only be used after being properly diluted and equipped according to the instructions.