Who is the first person to report the epidemic situation in Hubei Province?

 Who is the first person to report the epidemic situation in Hubei Province?

Among them, Zhang Jixian was the first one in Hubei Province to raise the alarm for the epidemic prevention and control work.

Reported on December 27 last year

Zhang Jixian, female, 54 years old, took part in the work in July 1989. She is a member of the Communist Party of China, chief physician and Professor, member of Hubei Province and Wuhan City, respiratory branch of Chinese Medical Association, expert in the identification of occupational dust pulmonary disease in Hubei Province. Now she is the director of respiratory department and Secretary of the Party branch of internal medicine in Hubei Province.

Zhang Jixian, with a strong sense of professional sensitivity, was the first to judge and insist on reporting the new coronavirus infected pneumonia, the first to raise the alarm for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the leader in the front line of hospital treatment.

According to the official news, Zhang Jixian reported the relevant situation to the hospital leaders on December 27, 2019, and the hospital quickly reported to Jianghan District CDC.

Thinking exercised during SARS

How did Zhang Jixian find out?

On the morning of December 26, 2019, when Zhang Jixian was in the expert clinic, he received the old couple from the community near the hospital. The two old people went to hospital for fever and cough, but the chest CT film they took was totally different from other viral pneumonia.

Zhang Jixian asked the old couple to call their son for examination. The son had no symptoms, but CT showed that there were special manifestations in the lung.

On the same day, another South China seafood market merchant had the same fever, cough and lung manifestations. Zhang Jixian, with a high sensitivity to the epidemic situation of infectious diseases, made a number of influenza related tests for these patients, and the results were all negative, thus eliminating the flu.

On the 27th, she reported the situation of four people to the hospital leaders in time, and the hospital quickly reported to Jianghan District CDC.

Zhang Jixian, a member of Jianghan District expert group, went to various hospitals every day to check suspected persons during the prevention and control of SARS in 2003. She felt there is a problem here because of the responsibility of a doctor and her high sensitivity to the epidemic situation of infectious diseases, according to the China Womens daily.

In an interview with the media, she said, I have felt from that time (2003), what is public event, what is group event.

Thats the thinking that came out of SARS, she said

Crying in the ward

On January 28 and 29, three patients from South China seafood market were admitted to the clinic. The symptoms and pulmonary manifestations of the 7 patients were the same.

Zhang Jixian immediately reported to the hospital.

The hospital held a multi department consultation to discuss seven cases one by one, and asked about two similar patients, who came to Tongji Hospital and Xiehe Hospital for treatment, also from the South China seafood market. The hospital attaches great importance to it and reports it immediately.

According to the Yangtze River daily, all sources of information confirmed that they were the first to report the epidemic in Hubei integrated hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, which bought time for the government to monitor the epidemic as soon as possible.

In an interview on January 29, Zhang Jixian cried in the ward. There are too many patients and our medical staff are suffering, she said

The market was seized on January 1, 2020

At 5:00 p.m. on February 4, in the outpatient department of Hubei integrated hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, Zhang Jixian was interviewed by Dong Qian, the host of face to face column of CCTV.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Zhang Jixian did not have a rest, nor the concept of going to work. At first, he was able to live at home. Later, he stayed in a hotel next to the hospital, which was convenient for isolation from his family. Secondly, the Department could rush to the hospital in time if there was something wrong.

Why do you want to buy work clothes online and not let the hospital distribute them? At last, Dong Qian asked such a question, Zhang Jixian replied that if the hospital distribution needs to be customized, and online shopping can arrive soon.

Zheng Zhijun noted that this afternoon, Zhang Jixian received an exclusive interview with Dong Qian, the host of the war epidemic special report.

Zhang Jixian said that before she came, 18 patients in her hospital were discharged from the hospital, and all of them were hospitalized around December 11, 2019. When they were hospitalized, their conditions were moderate to severe.

Asked how he found that the South China seafood market was the source of the epidemic, Zhang Jixian said that when doctors filled in the cases, they found that the common ground was that they had been to the South China seafood market.

Zhang Jixian said that on January 1, 2020, on New Years day, the market was seized.

However, Zhang Jixian said in an interview that at present, the source of infection has not been found.

Zhang Dingyu: concealing his suffering from progressive frostbite

Zhang Dingyu is also credited with great achievements!

Zhang Dingyu, 56 years old, took part in the work in July 1986. He is a member of the Communist Party of China, doctor of clinical medicine and chief physician. Now, he is the deputy secretary and President of the Party committee of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital (Wuhan infectious disease hospital). Now, he is employed as the third level post of professional technology at the fifth level of management.

Zhang Dingyu has been engaged in the first-line medical work for a long time. He has gone to Algeria, Pakistan and other countries to carry out international medical assistance, and led the third medical team of Hubei Province to Wenchuan earthquake relief.

In the process of fighting the epidemic, he concealed the fact that he was suffering from progressive frostbite.

Why did you say that later? He mentioned to CCTV:

There were a lot of medical teams from Shanghai and Beijing that day. There were many famous experts in the medical team. You should give them a foot and two feet when they go down the stairs. Its very difficult for me to go down the stairs, so I usually dont have the ability to send these experts. I always feel very uneasy. So, Id better tell you about this opportunity, not disrespect, but Im really inconvenient.

Because of the fight against the epidemic, Zhang Dingyu could not care for his wife who was hospitalized with the new coronavirus. He worked day and night to fight against the epidemic, racing against time and against life, striving to save more patients.

Zheng Zhijun noticed that his wife had been discharged from the hospital.

In an interview with the media on January 29, Zhang Dingyu said, Im very lucky that my wife has passed two nucleic acid tests, both of which are negative. Today, she has recovered and left the hospital. Thank you for your concern!

Recently, Hubei Provincial Department of human resources and social security and Health Committee issued a decision to award Zhang Dingyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital, Zhang Jixian, director of respiratory department of Hubei integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital and the first person to report the epidemic situation with great merit.