12 days for overseas donation from Italy to France to China

 12 days for overseas donation from Italy to France to China

From the evening of January 24, she gathered her relatives and friends at home and abroad to donate money to fight the epidemic in Wuhan, which was used to buy a large number of medical materials in Italy, and then cooperated with her domestic friend Wang Dan to transport the materials from Italy to China and send them to the front line of Wuhan.

Affected by the change of the epidemic situation at home and abroad, the materials they collected have been in twists and turns in the transportation process. It took 12 days to finally open up the material transportation line that spans thousands of miles.

On February 4, more than 10000 euros (about 80000 yuan) worth of medical materials, carrying the hopes and blessings of Italian overseas Chinese, were finally sent on a flight to China in Paris, France. The materials are expected to be delivered to the third hospital in Wuhan on February 8.

Yang Xi and Wang Dan told the surging news about their experience of successfully transporting the raised materials from Italy to China after 12 days.

The donation materials said that the Italian overseas Chinese cheered on Wuhan to fight the epidemic. The pictures are provided by the interviewees

On New Years Eve, the construction group raised funds and materials

On New Years Eve, Yang Xi and his friends living in Italy talked about the domestic epidemic situation, and learned that the dental clinic opened by his friend had a channel for ordering medical supplies. Eager to do something for her compatriots at home, she pondered that she could buy medical supplies from Italy and send them back to China.

That night, Yang Xi began to solicit everyones willingness to volunteer in the wechat friends circle. Unexpectedly, in addition to the friends who have a good relationship, there are many friends who are not usually in touch with each other who also want to take part in the volunteer action, including Wang Dan, who lives in Nanjing.

Before that, Wang Dan saw that the news about the shortage of medical materials in Wuhan had been flashed in her circle of friends. She was very worried about all kinds of information, so she immediately contacted Yang Xi, hoping that she could also participate in the action of raising materials.

In addition to Wang Dan, this circle of friends also helped Yang Xi to gather a lot of volunteers, and friends introduced other friends to join in. In this way, a volunteer group for material donation was established, with more than 60 people in the group.

Some of the people who donated money to Yang Xi were her friends and some strangers. Some people just add a wechat to transfer the money to me directly. I am deeply moved by this unreserved trust, and I cant fail to live up to your trust. We must try our best to send materials from Italy to Wuhan. Yang told reporters.

It is understood that Yang Xi and other volunteers have raised more than 10000 euros (about 80000 yuan), all of which have been used to purchase medical materials donated to Wuhan.

On New Years Eve, Yang Xis friend Wang Dan contacted doctor Xia who was fighting the epidemic in the Third Hospital of Wuhan at that time, as well as the volunteers who were running in the first line of fighting the epidemic in Wuhan, and decided to donate materials directly to the Third Hospital of Wuhan in the first line of fighting the epidemic.

In this way, Yang Xi and Wang Dans donation plan gradually took shape. But for them, the real challenge is still to come.

Many airlines failed to deliver goods

The process of the donation from Italy to Wuhan can be described as twists and turns.

At first, Yang Xi contacted an airline, which is the first Italian company that has clearly stated that it is willing to provide free transportation services. It can transport materials from Italy to Xian, Chongqing, Shenzhen and other places in China.

On the fourth day of the lunar new year, Wang dangang contacted a domestic friend to receive the goods from Xian, and Yang Xi received the documents from the airline.

I was stunned by the documents and doubted that I had read all my books in vain for so many years. Yang Xi studied for a long time to understand that because its a free green channel, airlines only accept donation waybills from embassies, public organizations, medical enterprises and other groups to improve efficiency, not from individuals.

At that time, the domestic medical material reserve was in a hurry. They didnt want to delay more time, so they had to give up transportation through this airline.

Later, I thought, otherwise, I would simply take back the human flesh through the way of adding luggage to the tour group. But after further understanding, I found that the high shipping fees make this method very unrealistic. So, I asked several Italian Airlines, and finally learned that one airline could apply for free transportation with personal donation. Yang Xi introduced.

They just breathed a sigh of relief, but they didnt expect the change to happen again.

Italy declared a state of emergency, and flights directly to the country were cut off

On January 31, Italys National Health Department reported that two Chinese tourists had been diagnosed with new coronavirus pneumonia and were being quarantined in Rome. On January 31, Italys prime minister declared a state of national emergency, which lasted for six months and stopped flights between China and Italy.

The news disrupted the plans of Yang Xi and other volunteers.

At that time, the volunteers in Milan had transported all the materials to a warehouse in Milan and were preparing the relevant delivery procedures. And the flight grounded means that their transportation lines are cut off again.

Overseas volunteers sent materials to a warehouse on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, to wait for delivery.

Although after that, the Italian government announced that the cargo could be recovered, but did not specify the exact recovery time. At that critical moment, the medical materials we donated could not afford to be delayed indefinitely and must be sent to China immediately. Yang Xi said.

After so many setbacks, Yang Xi and his friends still didnt give up. They heard that the flight from France to China had not been stopped.

Therefore, with the efforts of Yang Xi and his friends, the final transportation plan was determined: the medical materials were transported by land from Milan, Italy, to Paris, France, and then to China by air.

Successfully send materials from France to China

On February 4, medical supplies worth more than 10000 euros, carrying the hopes and wishes of Italian overseas Chinese, were finally sent on a flight to China in Paris, France.

From January 24, Yang Xi and his friends began to prepare for fund-raising, purchase materials, and find transportation channels. Until February 4, they sent materials to the flight from France to China, which lasted for 12 days.

The materials are expected to arrive in Fujian on the evening of February 6, and then be directly transported to Wuhan by a Fujian logistics company. It is expected to be sent to Wuhan third hospital by Wuhan volunteers on February 8.

Since new years Eve, Yang Xi and Wang Dan have put their work aside, focusing on the amount of donations, contacting suppliers, preparing documents and coordinating transportation. In this process, I hope that the progress of fund-raising and transportation can be updated every day, so as to clearly inform the volunteers and give them an account. Yang Xi said.

Talking about the original intention of the volunteer action, Yang Xis friend Wang Dan said: I just want to do something within my power at home. This time, because of the emergency brake of the epidemic, we stopped for a while, saw clearly our original intention of living in the world and helping others. We can do more if we can, no matter in what form.

Chinese medicine: millions of masks are being shipped from overseas to China

According to the relevant person in charge, through various efforts, overseas procurement has made a major breakthrough, and has organized 1.12 million kn94 masks, 70000 sets of medical protective clothing and nearly 100000 medical goggles from Korean manufacturers, which are now being shipped to China in succession.