Forensic Song Ci goes online today. Pan Changjiang is trapped in a mystery

 Forensic Song Ci goes online today. Pan Changjiang is trapped in a mystery

There are many doubts about the case of shocking nature. Pan Changjiang is only for the truth

Experience the truth through the World Song Ci spent his whole life on the record of avenging

Song Ci (Yu Zhenzhu) devoted his whole life to forensic medicine, and condensed what he had learned in his whole life into the history of revenge. In order to find out the truth, he gave up being an official and was willing to be a ghost, accompanied by the corpse all day long. Once drunk, every time before the case will drink, is known as between the cup can be broken murders.. Since then, because of drinking, he has never been drinking. In the film, with the solution of a mystery, the truth is getting closer and closer at the same time, human nature is being stripped layer by layer. It was this time that Song Cis first work, the history of avenging, was written.

Deep into script creation and making the most storytelling online movie

Script is the soul of a film, and telling a good story is the consistent pursuit of film creators. Song Ci, the forensics doctor, was polished and revised strictly in the stage of script creation, and the final version was not finalized until the eve of shooting. Even in the process of shooting, the director will lead the writers and actors to discuss the improper places. Countless times of modification and polishing are only for the purpose of creating tight and perfect works. At the same time, as the exclusive promotion and marketing of rabbit hole culture, it is a youth brand under Netflix, and has successfully created many online films with good box office reputation, such as Fu Hu Ji, monsters. This time, Song Ci, a forensics doctor, will also be escorted by his rich experience in project management and publicity.