Tang Lun and Li Yitongs new love line

 Tang Lun and Li Yitongs new love line

Begonia regained her freedom. CP devoted himself to career

In this weeks story, Haitang was invited to be the wedding makeup artist of Marshal long and miss Yi, but the other party was shocked by allergies after making up. It turns out that Shi Family deliberately changed the cosmetics of Haitang with rouge that can make miss Yi allergic to in order to defeat the new tricks of langlichun school and provoke Mo Ji (Zhang yazhuo), so that she could make a fool of herself at the wedding, so Haitang was jailed. But after the truth came out, Haitang not only healed the scar on Yuemings face, but also saved langlichun in the crisis, successfully got the divorce certificate and regained his freedom. Her feelings with Yuexuan also return to the starting point, and many audiences tease her: Yuexuan has chased more than 20 episodes, and one episode will start again before liberation..

In addition, Yuexuan and Haitang open their business lines and devote themselves to the research of Hongyan rouge. Will there be any waves? Whether the relationship between the two people will be affected is hotly discussed by fans.

Customize to restore the texture of the Republic of China, lead to grass growing trend and win praise

Since the TV play Haitang through rain and rouge was launched, it has been another way to take it as a fashion and make-up play in the Republic of China, which led to the trend of planting grass with goods, and won high praise in and out of the industry by virtue of its full and compact plot. The modeling of the Republic of China has repeatedly become a hot topic among netizens. In the play, as a young master of the Lang family, there are more than a dozen suits with different styles. Whether its a low-key and introverted dark blue velvet long coat, a gentle and elegant Plaid suit, or a cool and handsome leather coat, it fully demonstrates its overseas background and identity. The occasional embroidered long shirt makes the elegant image of the Republic of Chinas noble son pop up in front of the audience. In addition, Gu Haitang, played by Li Yitong, has changed from a coarse cloth jacket and skirt to a silk cheongsam, from a simple braided hair to a coiled hair with hair ornaments, all of which highlight the transformation of Haitang from a civilian woman to a Langs wife.

The TV play Haitang through rain and rouge is in Zhejiang TVs weekly theater. Its popular from Monday to Wednesday at 22:00 every week. Please look forward to more highlights.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322