The snow falls silently, which belongs to Beijings Quietness under the epidemic situation

 The snow falls silently, which belongs to Beijings Quietness under the epidemic situation

This is the biggest snow in Beijing since winter

Whats different from the noisy urban landscape painting in the past

Under the influence of new coronavirus infection pneumonia

Beijing in the snow is quieter than ever

On the afternoon of February 5, Qianmen Dashilan pedestrian street, photo source: Weibo user the old people of the Jianghu help each other

This quiet

From the snow temperament of the ancient capital Beijing

Perseverance in snow and epidemic

Wang Zhanping, a 54 year old police officer from Erlong Road police station of Xicheng Branch, went to Wuhan Tongji Hospital to support his family during the Spring Festival, one in Beijing and the other in Wuhan.

Just like Lao Wang

All capital police and auxiliary police

Whether its snowy or day and night

They never stop working

Because in their hearts

Win the prevention and control of epidemic

Has become the responsibility and mission of every peoples police

This moment

Peoples life safety and health are above all else

More services

Since January 26, all the inter provincial passenger transport and inter provincial tourist chartered buses entering and leaving Beijing have been stopped, but Wang Congying, the police officer of the police station of shiliuzhuang station of the bus brigade, is still on duty at Zhaogongkou long-distance passenger station to serve the people coming for consultation

In the late night of February 5, Huairou had heavy snow and snowflakes hit the windows of police cars. The visibility was very low, but the police still patrolled the streets, just for the lights of thousands of homes on Christmas Eve

At 5 a.m. on February 6, the police and auxiliary police of Panjiayuan police station of Chaoyang Branch have begun to clean up the snow and prepare to meet the people who come to work

Safe forever

But there is always a little peace in my heart


Those standing figures

The hidden blue under the snow

It is to make Beijing so quiet under the epidemic

It makes people so peaceful and warm in the wind, snow and cold


Special thanks to police Photographers: he Jianliang, Dongcheng Branch, Li Xuezhong, Wang Jianjun, Wang Zhuqing and Liu Yang of Xicheng Branch