No dismissal! Barca President Abidals dressing room supports Messi

 No dismissal! Barca President Abidals dressing room supports Messi

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On Wednesday, local time, people in batomeu, Brussels, had a telephone conversation with Abidal. After the conference call, several Western media pointed out that Abidal would not be fired. Marca even pointed out that Abidal and batomeu will take off for Bilbao to watch the kings Cup match in Barcelona this week. In this way, batomeu tries to create a harmonious scene inside the club.

After confirming Abidals retention, batomeu called Messi. Batomeu hopes that Messi can maintain communication with Abidal and the two sides can reach a settlement through dialogue. Its a crucial time for Barcelona to win the treble, and bartomeu doesnt think its time to take tough measures.

Batomeu has secured Abidal while Barcelonas dressing room has backed Messi. As pointed out that Barcelonas four captains Messi, Busquets, pique and Roberto have held an emergency meeting. In this meeting, the vice captains all expressed their absolute support for Messi. Other players in the dressing room also support Messi, even the French compatriots of Abidal.

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