Great reward for boring behavior at home

 Great reward for boring behavior at home

Young heart is always a little frivolous, had a dream at home all day, look at the prosperity of mobile phones. But now they are bored and flustered until their eyes are full of tears.

Before, the dream of life was to be like a pig, eating and sleeping, carefree and carefree. But it took more than a week to find out that it was so hard to be a pig.

Because of this hateful new type of coronavirus, the Spring Festival holiday in 2020 looks long and unusual.

I have been staying at home for a long time. I feel uncomfortable sitting, standing, lying, switching any position.

The most terrible thing is that such a state may last for some time.

They all said that we should cherish the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of lying at home can contribute to society, but I would rather not have this opportunity.

During the period of the epidemic, people in all provinces of the country enjoyed a lot of fun and bewilderment.

Even if we cant go out, we cant stop the peoples firm determination to do tricks.

As the first battlefield of acquaintance social interaction, wechat friend circle can definitely support a day of fancy boring and confusing behavior.

Do you remember the fear of being dominated by teachers and parents when they went to the Internet bar to play games? In order not to let this tragedy no longer happen, I chose to become a decent network administrator when I grew up

Orange: please let me go and play with other fruits

Even travel loving friends never stop exploring the world because of the difficulty of the epidemic

They cant do business offline, and still cant stop these business minded friends from showing their unique online marketing thinking

Of course, there are also some normal ways to play. As long as it can be used to resist the boredom of the house, it doesnt matter how you play. Just play.

When you are bored to a certain extent, you will find that everyone is actually a talented Jianghu hero

What if the mobile phone and computer are tired of playing? It doesnt matter. Put down your cell phone and take your family for a day tour at home. The size of your home determines your travel experience.

All the great rewards of bewilderment are trying to prove one thing: as long as you do your best to find things at home, you will not be bored!

Online cloud gatherings, cloud drinking, video punching across the air, even if the epidemic has frozen everyones courage to go out, can not prevent everyone from contacting sincere feelings.

Technology changes life, boredom changes ideas. Stir fry melon seeds with electric heating, it seems to be quite creative

Relive the fun of childhood, play a trap, go back to the old urchin, its also very happy~

If you think its boring to entertain yourself, you can also talk about functions to the meow star at home. Dont just focus on your own progress, but also let the cat and human progress together.

However, it is also necessary to play back, play back, actively respond to the call of the state, carry out scientific fitness in their own homes, enhance their immunity and improve their physique.

For more than a week in a row, whether its basketball, badminton or our national table tennis, the whole family has not only been fully exercised, but also greatly improved in playing skills.

(function() {(window. Slotbydup = window. Slotbydup| []). Push ({ID: u5811557, container: ssp_, async: true});))); finally, warm prompt: if you feel tired and sore at home, please dont be too nervous, it may be that you spend too long in bed brushing your mobile phone, please try to change your posture and continue.

Last tip: if you feel tired and sore at home, please dont be too nervous. It may be that you spend too long in bed brushing your mobile phone. Please try to change your posture and continue.

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