Taxi drivers in Shenzhen will get the first subsidy of 3000 yuan / car

 Taxi drivers in Shenzhen will get the first subsidy of 3000 yuan / car

The temporary subsidy of the enterprise can be directly deducted from the monthly payment quota of drivers

Affected by the epidemic, the number of public trips decreased, the revenue decreased significantly, and the income of tour taxi drivers decreased sharply. According to the requirements of the emergency notice of the Ministry of transport on overall planning for epidemic prevention and control and transportation security, in accordance with the work deployment of the municipal government and in combination with the needs of the current epidemic prevention and control work of our city, Shenzhen public transport administration, together with Shenzhen Taxi Association and some key patrol car enterprises, decided to take four measures to guarantee taxi operation service through consultation Business.

First of all, simplify the assessment of government temporary subsidies. Considering the impact of the outage caused by the force majeure of the epidemic, from January 2020 to the end of the epidemic prevention period, according to the relationship between the company and the enterprise, the assessment standard of the governments temporary subsidy will be simplified, only the registration of vehicles and drivers will be assessed, and the temporary outage of vehicles will not be assessed. It is understood that the current subsidy is 1000 yuan / vehicle.

Secondly, give full play to the main responsibility of cruiser enterprises and give temporary subsidies to drivers. During the epidemic period, patrol car enterprises shall provide temporary subsidies to drivers. Considering the recent decrease of monthly net income per driver, the first temporary subsidy standard as of February 29 is proposed to be 3000 yuan / vehicle. The amount of temporary subsidy for enterprises during the follow-up epidemic prevention and control period will be calculated and determined separately according to the industry revenue. The temporary subsidies can be directly deducted from the monthly payment quota or issued in other forms.

According to the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Public Transport Bureau, we will continue to monitor the operation of taxis, try to reduce the burden of drivers, ensure the operation of taxis and meet the travel needs of citizens.

During the epidemic period, taxi drivers face difficulties in purchasing masks

The Municipal Public Transport Bureau requires all enterprises to strictly comply with the requirements of anti epidemic work, strengthen vehicle disinfection, require drivers to wear masks and open windows for ventilation during operation, increase the care and care for drivers, and carry out condolence activities for drivers who stick to the front line, especially for drivers who need self isolation and cannot return to the epidemic area due to the confirmed patients during operation, the enterprises should provide assistance and Guarantee. Do a good job in emergency protection and improve the quality of industrial operation service. During the epidemic, patrol car enterprises should strengthen safety supervision, strengthen driver training and education, improve the service quality of the industry, and provide timely response and support to groups in need of help during the epidemic.

The reporter learned from the Taxi Association of Shenzhen that the number of disposable masks needed by the taxi industry in the whole city is close to 100000 per day. Due to the lack of masks, some enterprises and drivers are unable to find contact with each other and purchase them in time. According to the relevant person in charge of the citys Public Transport Bureau, taxi drivers shuttle in crowded places and receive visitors from all directions every day, risking a greater risk of infection than the general population and providing services for citizens and passengers in special periods. They are one of the front lines in the fight against the epidemic.

The municipal public transport bureau calls on the general public to wear masks when taking a taxi. It also hopes that all sectors of society can donate masks to taxi drivers to protect their lives and ensure safety.

Two departments: medical staff for epidemic prevention and control will be subsidized 300 yuan or 200 yuan per day

The central government grants a subsidy of 300 yuan per person per day; for other medical personnel and epidemic prevention workers participating in epidemic prevention and control, the central government grants a subsidy of 200 yuan per person per day.