What is a mass epidemic? How to prevent it? Science popularization is coming

 What is a mass epidemic? How to prevent it? Science popularization is coming

What is an aggregate epidemic? How to prevent the aggregation epidemic? (source: China new Internet)

[what is an aggregate epidemic? #How to prevent aggregative epidemic? u3011#Recently, new pneumonia has been rampant in many parts of the country, including many cases of clustering. Another 10 people infected with the new coronavirus were found on a Japanese cruise ship Friday, bringing the total number of cases to 20. These cases remind us that in the face of the epidemic, gathering at a dinner party is very dangerous. How to prevent? Get to know!

25 people were diagnosed as having been infected with the virus in womens dinner party

Hu, a patient with no history of living in Hubei (Wuhan), said that he had participated in a dinner party organized by the boss of a beauty and health club in Haishu District on the evening of January 17, with the participation of Wuhan people; at 10:00 a.m. on January 19, Hu took a bus from Haishu District to a temple in Ningbo to participate in a blessing activity organized by a travel agency, and felt chilly and feverish on the same day, without timely treatment. Her husband and daughter were all ill on January 22. On January 26, they were confirmed as pneumonia cases infected with new coronavirus. On January 27, Hu himself was also confirmed as a confirmed case of pneumonia infected with a new type of coronavirus. On the 19th, 14 of the people who took part in praying activities together with the car got sick and diagnosed. As of 24:00 on February 2, 25 of the participants and close contacts of some cases had been diagnosed with pneumonia caused by new coronavirus.