The newly diagnosed couple with pneumonia has been put on file for pregnant daughter-in-laws infection

 The newly diagnosed couple with pneumonia has been put on file for pregnant daughter-in-laws infection

Shaanxi Provincial procuratorate said in the news that as of 10:00 on February 5, 23 new confirmed cases of pneumonia had been found in Shaanxi, including 10 in Xian, 4 in Xianyang, 3 in Weinan, 3 in Hanzhong, 2 in Ankang and 1 in Shangluo.

According to the news, the newly confirmed case of pneumonia in Shangluo city is a pregnant woman who has been pregnant for 8 months.

The pregnant woman, 33, who lives in Danfeng County, was quarantined for observation on February 2, suffered from a persistent dry cough and was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia on February 5, the sources said.

It is worth noting that in the list of 14 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia issued by Shaanxi Provincial Procuratorate on the 24th, Wang and Zhang of the above pregnant women were also listed.

Earlier news showed that Wang and his wife set out from Yunxi County, Shiyan City, Hubei Province on January 21 to return to Danfeng County. Wang had symptoms on February 2, and went to the village health office on the same day. On February 2, he went to the peoples Hospital of Danfeng County for treatment because of the aggravation of his condition. On February 4, he was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. Zhang was isolated and observed when her husband went to the peoples Hospital of Danfeng County on February 2, and was also diagnosed on February 4.

After sorting out the surging news, it was found that Shaanxi Provincial procuratorate later released another news that on February 3, 2020, Danfeng County Peoples Procuratorate intervened in a crime case involving epidemic situation endangering public safety in advance according to law, which mentioned that Wang and Zhang concealed their experiences in Hubei, fabricated false itinerary and social activities, did not isolate themselves at home, and participated in social activities in the area of Danfeng County commercial town It is a serious threat to the public health of Danfeng County.

According to the news, Wang and Zhang went to Hubei to ask for money and stay. Because they did not admit that they had lived in Hubei, their families and 12 medical and nursing personnel became close contacts. At present, the police have filed a case for investigation of the two people suspected of endangering public security.

Concealing the real itinerary and failing to report the condition of the suspected crime many people have been investigated

According to a letter to the villagers of jiapai village released by jiapai village, Yinglin Town, there are cases of pneumonia caused by family clustering new coronavirus in the village. One person knew that he was from Wuhan, but lied to the masses that he was from the Philippines. He did not segregate at home according to the regulations. He also attended banquets several times and went out frequently.