Hot wire! The State Council decides to exempt the income of postal express from value-added tax

 Hot wire! The State Council decides to exempt the income of postal express from value-added tax

The meeting also pointed out that since January 1, pre tax one-time deduction is allowed for the key material production enterprises to expand the production capacity and purchase equipment, and the VAT incremental tax allowance during this period is refunded in full; VAT is exempted for the transportation of key materials for prevention and control and the provision of public transportation, life services, and postal delivery; registration fee is exempted for related epidemic prevention drugs and medical devices, and the drugs and medical devices are increased Support for vaccine research and development; exemption from civil aviation development fund paid by civil aviation enterprises.

The meeting decided to make good use of the special re loan policy, support the bank to provide preferential interest rate loans to key enterprises including small and micro enterprises that produce, transport and sell key medical control materials and necessities, and the finance will give another half of the discount interest to ensure that the enterprise loan interest rate is less than 1.6%. The meeting stressed that macro policy support should be precise and in place, financial and audit departments should strengthen supervision, ensure that funds are used on the cutting edge, and resolutely punish illegal acts of taking advantage of opportunities to defraud and obtain financial and credit funds.

Ministry of Commerce issued four measures to help foreign trade enterprises cope with the epidemic and reduce losses

1u3001 Each chamber of Commerce will assist the enterprises in need to provide the factual proof of Force Majeure for failure to perform the contract and deliver the goods on time due to the epidemic situation free of charge;

2u3001 All chambers of Commerce will provide necessary legal and information services for enterprises in response to relevant trade restrictions caused by the epidemic;