Huawei is building factories in Europe to produce 5g equipment products

 Huawei is building factories in Europe to produce 5g equipment products

Huawei has been in Europe for 20 years since it invested in the establishment of R & D center in Sweden, Liu Kang said at a Huawei New Year reception on the evening of the 4th local time. In the future, Huawei hopes to integrate more closely into Europe, and has decided to establish a production base in Europe, so as to manufacture 5g equipment products put into the European market in Europe. At present, Huawei is in the process of site selection for the plant, and there are several candidate target locations.

The British government and the European Commission have recently issued policy documents on 5g construction. Local media and experts generally believe that these policy documents are in essence a green light for Huawei to continue to participate in the local 5g construction. Huawei welcomes the policy positions of the UK and the EU respectively. Although these policy documents have a number of restrictions, they mark a setback in the USs attempts to pressure European countries to ban Huaweis 5g equipment products.

Viviana Redding, former vice president of the European Commission who came to attend Huaweis New Year reception, said in response to a question from Xinhua news agency that Huaweis establishment of a factory in Europe to produce 5g equipment products will significantly improve Europes confidence in Huaweis equipment products.