More strict treatment of excrement! Zhejiang mens toilet cancels waste paper basket and womens toilet cover garbage bag

 More strict treatment of excrement! Zhejiang mens toilet cancels waste paper basket and womens toilet cover garbage bag

The waste paper basket of mens toilet and the garbage bag of womens toilet are cancelled

This time, the management department, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the public toilet operation and sanitation management specifications, focused on the public toilets of medical and health institutions and crowded places such as stations, airports, docks, etc., required to increase cleaning efforts, do a good job of three connections such as water, electricity, ventilation, and timely allocate hand sanitizer and other sanitary products. Strengthen the inspection and maintenance of toilet (including urinal), faucet and other facilities, dredge the fecal pipe in time to ensure normal use.

Strengthen sterilization and disinfection. The public toilets shall be fully disinfected once a day before opening and closing. During the opening period, the facilities and equipment frequently contacted by toilet workers, such as squatting pan, urinal, hand washing table and door handle, shall be disinfected in a timely manner to achieve full coverage without dead corner. For toilets in key areas and sensitive places, disinfection frequency shall be increased, and fecal sewage treatment and discharge shall be conducted according to relevant standards.

For the management of toilet paper, it is specially made clearu2014u2014

In order to prevent the spread of the virus through feces, the waste paper baskets in mens toilets and womens toilets are all covered with garbage bags. During the opening period, the cleaning staff should strengthen the inspection of each toilet to achieve one guest, one cleaning. The collected garbage shall be tied tightly to the bag mouth and disinfected when being put in. In addition to the waste of female sanitary products put into the waste paper basket, the soluble waste such as toilet paper can be washed away with water.

Feces shall be collected, transported and disposed, and transport vehicles shall be fully disinfected

Clean the septic tank in time. Each responsible unit shall strengthen the maintenance of the septic tank, regularly check the septic tank well cover, guide pipe and other relevant facilities, and timely replace the damaged well cover. All places shall be equipped with sufficient manure suction trucks and operators to clean and dredge the septic tanks as required to prevent the overflow of manure.

Regulate the collection and transportation of feces. Before leaving the vehicle, after each septic tank sucks the feces, after the feces are discharged from the feces treatment plant, and after the transport vehicles return to the team, the vehicles shall be fully disinfected as soon as possible. The places and surfaces that may be polluted by feces should also be disinfected comprehensively.

Strengthen end treatment. After the manure collection and transportation vehicles enter the manure treatment plant, they shall be discharged to the designated discharge port. After the excrement is discharged, the residual excrement in the special pipe for fecal absorption shall be washed, and the sewage left on the ground shall be washed into the septic tank with tap water or reclaimed water for harmless treatment. Each fecal treatment plant should strengthen daily disinfection, and increase the frequency of disinfection during the operation, at least once every 3 hours.

Strengthen publicity, guidance and emergency protection

Increase the allocation of epidemic prevention materials. Each management unit shall implement the work of anti epidemic materials support such as disinfectant, distribute masks, protective gloves and other necessary protective articles to the public toilet cleaning personnel and the stool cleaning and disposal personnel, and inform the use method and replacement frequency to ensure the effective and orderly development of the protection work.

Increase the protection of operators. The public toilet cleaning personnel and the stool cleaning and disposal operators must wear masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment in strict accordance with the requirements. Before and after work, wash hands, disinfect and change masks in time to keep personal hygiene. It is necessary to strengthen the physical condition monitoring of the operating personnel. If fever, cough and other symptoms are found, measures such as isolation shall be taken decisively, and the epidemic prevention department shall be reported in time.

Faeces or surviving viruses of patients with new crown pneumonia: flush and cover the toilet

#On February 1, Shenzhen health and Health Commission released a message that the researchers detected positive virus RNA in the feces of patients with new crown pneumonia, which may indicate the existence of live virus in the feces. According to the experience of SARS, if there is a live virus, it means the feces are infectious. He suggested that the toilet cover should be covered when flushing to avoid the spread of the virus in the feces.