From January 21 to February 5, 12306, refund more than 85 million tickets

 From January 21 to February 5, 12306, refund more than 85 million tickets

When the reporter came to 12306 ticket monitoring center, analysis engineer Li Shiwang was doing data analysis with three letters just received asking for assistance in troubleshooting.

Li Shiwang, data analyst, 12306: there is a coordination letter like this every day.

12306 is operated and maintained by Institute of electronics, Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, many confirmed patients have had the experience of traveling by train. To find out the close contacts at the first time is an important means to block the spread of the epidemic, and also a key point of the recent 12306 work.

Zhu Jiansheng, director of the Institute of electronics of the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences: since January 21, 12306 has been working in the following three aspects: the first is to cooperate with the big data analysis of epidemic prevention and control, and the second is our ticket, including the adjustment and modification of online and offline ticket sales and refund functions. The third part is the operation monitoring work of our whole system. I adjusted the function of ticket refund four times before and after the function adjustment. From the 21st to February 5th, the total number of returned tickets has reached more than 85 million.

In order to deal with the epidemic, 12306 set up a special epidemic technical support team in addition to the ticket system team, developed various query tools in the shortest time, so that the results of the investigation can be produced in the shortest few minutes, greatly reducing the time for close contacts to investigate.

At present, 12306 has provided more than 200 batches of relevant big data and big data analysis to local government departments.

Ticket refund policy for railway readjustment: free refund for tickets purchased 6 days before the organization of scattered seating

For passengers who purchase tickets in cash before 24:00 on February 5 or who have exchanged paper tickets (including reimbursement voucher) before 24:00 on February 5, if they are unable to return tickets at the station before driving, they can postpone to 24:00 on March 31;