Reporter vlog: no one cares about going to Baibuting to deliver food to the elderly?

 Reporter vlog: no one cares about going to Baibuting to deliver food to the elderly?

Vlog, reporter from Wuhan Observatory: Did anyone not take care of the family members who went to Baibuting to deliver vegetables to 82 year old grandpa? (source: video synthesis)

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, the community neighborhood committees in each block of Wuhan have been playing an important role as the first line to contact and serve the citizens. There are 180000 residents living in Baibuting Garden community, Jiangan District, Wuhan city. There are 9 community committees serving them. On February 5, the head office reporter came to yuexiuyuan neighborhood committee, one of the nine neighborhood committees, to experience how their days work was carried out.

Staff of the neighborhood committee told reporters that since the outbreak of the epidemic, Wuhan began to take on the task of organizing community residents to fight against the epidemic. In addition to the daily popularization of epidemic knowledge, community disinfection and distribution of disinfection supplies for the community residents, the physical condition and hospital treatment of each household in the community should also be carried out in a carpet like way, and the information of relevant personnel should be reported, medical treatment should be organized and hospitalized.

At the same time, it is also their important work to provide psychological counseling for patients with pneumonia and suspected cases infected by new coronavirus, as well as logistical services for their families.

A 82 year old man living alone is a key service object in the community these days. It is understood that the old mans wife, 79 years old, is a suspected case of pneumonia infected with new coronavirus. At present, she has been admitted to hospital for isolation observation. At present, the community is obliged to send fresh vegetables to the elderly every day and pay attention to their health.

The staff here told reporters that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the workload of community work has been huge and complex, and the staff in the neighborhood committee have not had a rest since January 23, but none of the staff complained of being tired. Serving the residents of the community well, ensuring the health of the residents in the community and winning their recognition are the greatest honor and gains of the community staff in this war epidemic.

Utilization of beds in 28 designated hospitals in Wuhan announced 120 empty beds left

In addition, the reporter of Yangtze river network learned that the number of empty beds published was the data as of February 5, and there was a dynamic change in the number of empty beds, which was also affected by factors such as hospital medical staff, materials and other treatment capacity.