Guangzhous first new crown diagnosed child cured 12-year-old girl officially discharged

 Guangzhous first new crown diagnosed child cured 12-year-old girl officially discharged

Precise treatment, recovery and discharge

Qiqi, 12, returned to Guangzhou with her parents on January 22 from her hometown in Hubei Province. On January 26, she and her father developed fever and a small amount of runny nose. According to the results of two throat swabs taken on January 27 and 28, the new coronavirus of the children and their parents were all positive. On January 28, they were transferred to Guangzhou women and children medical center from the outside hospital and admitted to the hospital for diagnosis of new coronavirus infection.

On January 29, according to the results of stool analysis, biochemistry, blood transfusion and coagulation, the hospital found no abnormality. The chest radiograph indicated pulmonary infection, and the diagnosis was modified as viral pneumonia, coronavirus infection. The hospital was given primary care, single isolation (droplet plus contact isolation), interferon spray throat, Yitan static cough and expectoration, nutritional support, humanistic care, psychological counseling and other treatments. Please The consultation of traditional Chinese medicine department assists in diagnosis and treatment.

Nine days after admission to hospital, the new type of coronary pathogenic nucleic acid was negative twice in a row, and the CT Reexamination of the lung showed no obvious abnormality. According to the evaluation of provincial and municipal medical treatment expert groups, it is in line with the national health and Health Commissions criteria for the release of isolation and discharge of confirmed pneumonia cases infected with new coronavirus.

Warm care and isolation

Because her parents were quarantined in the citys eighth hospital, Qiqi was sent to the childrens Hospital of the citys women and childrens medical center by ambulance alone for isolation treatment, and became the second confirmed case of new coronavirus infection in the isolated area without accompanying.

The newly arrived little princess was very quiet. However, she kept rubbing her hands and looking around timidly, which exposed her nervousness. How to let children pass the isolation period of imprisonment is another important work besides the clinical treatment plan.

The nursing group immediately communicated with Qiqis mother. With her mothers help, the hospitals medical staff quickly found the key to open Qiqis heart. I learned that her usual academic performance is very good, like reading, painting. However, these items are not always available in the sick area, which coincides with the double period of Spring Festival and anti epidemic. It is not easy to solve both online and spot purchases.

When Wang Yanling, chief nurse of infectious diseases department, inadvertently mentioned in wechat nursing group that I dont know where I can buy new extracurricular books and toys at this time, Wu Jinxia, chief nurse of emergency department, Huang Haiying, chief nurse of Hematology Department, Guo Xiaoping, chief nurse of newborn and Shen Huiling, chief nurse of neurology department, sent books, building blocks, dolls, etc. one after another; Peng fanxia and Zhu Caijin, nurses of infectious diseases department, were also very quick I brought new books and paintbrushes from my home. When we sent the gifts to Qiqi, she smiled shyly, Auntie, dont worry. With these gifts, I wont be afraid! Thank you! The accumulated toys and books dressed the ward as the Princess Room when the little girl was at home. Although there were no romantic curtains and cartoon bed decorations, she enjoyed it, and her sweet smile filled the beautiful little face.

At dinner time, nurses and sisters brought delicious nutritious meals, chicken soup, milk and fruit. She took a picture and sent it to her mother to let her mother not worry about herself. Thanks to the leaders, doctors and nurses of the childrens hospital. Its really good. Qiqi said in her mothers reply.

It is understood that Qiqi will carry out home observation after returning home, and the Municipal Womens and childrens Medical Center will carry out relevant follow-up and monitoring for two weeks. After standardized and scientific treatment in the hospital, other children in the infected area of the Municipal Women and childrens medical center were in stable condition or in remission.

261 newly cured and discharged cases in China with a total of over 1000 cured cases

From 0 to 24:00 on February 5, 261 cases were cured and discharged. As of 24:00 on February 5, 1153 patients were cured and discharged.