The staff of Jiangxi No.1 pharmacy who do not cooperate in isolation are dismissed and never employed

 The staff of Jiangxi No.1 pharmacy who do not cooperate in isolation are dismissed and never employed

Notice on immediate dismissal of Zhang XX


Zhang XX, female, 22 years old, was employed as a staff member of the pharmacy department of our hospital in February 2018. On February 2, 2020, a staff member of the traditional Chinese medicine room was diagnosed as a new type of coronavirus infected pneumonia. According to the epidemiological investigation of the disease control department, Zhang XX was a close contact person, who was required to conduct centralized medical isolation according to the requirements. The hospital appointed Luo Bin, director of the pharmacy department, to do his work for many times. It is required to According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, he immediately went to the isolation point for isolation, but he always refused to cooperate. After that, the vice president in charge and the person in charge of the human resources department called him several times, until 15:30, the phone showed that he could not be connected. After the hospitals research and decision, Zhang was dismissed, and our hospital will never employ him. And immediately report to the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Linchuan District and the health and Health Commission of Linchuan District.

All comrades in the hospital are expected to take a warning. In the important period of epidemic prevention and control, we should keep in mind that the epidemic is an order, and the prevention and control is a responsibility. We should be strict in discipline, obey the command, and resolutely win the epidemic Resistance War.

Fuzhou Linchuan first peoples Hospital

February 5, 2020

Doctors are dismissed for lack of N95 masks. Actually, they have surgical masks

At about 8:30 a.m. on February 4, Liu Mou from xiliujiang community of Xishangzhuang Street office went to the fever clinic of the second peoples Hospital of Jincheng city for medical treatment due to physical discomfort. Guo Mou, the doctor on duty, borrowed the reason that N95 mask was missing and was not accepted, which had a bad impact. According to the investigation, the second municipal hospital has equipped surgical masks and protective clothing for the medical staff of fever clinic according to relevant regulations.