COFCO: Hubeis grain inventory can meet more than 60 million people in Hubei for more than half a year

 COFCO: Hubeis grain inventory can meet more than 60 million people in Hubei for more than half a year

Aiming at the guarantee of grain supply in Hubei Province, China grain storage group said that at present, the central authority grain in Hubei branch is more than 10 million tons, which can meet the demand of 60 million people in Hubei Province for more than half a year. At present, the most important and urgent political task of China Grain and oil storage group is to ensure the supply and price stability of grain and oil market. The emergency processing points of each branch company started the processing operation rapidly, and the warehouses directly under the local government actively carried out the rotation sales and warehouse out, so as to ensure the supply of grain and oil and the stability of the market.

It is understood that during the Spring Festival, CNSC began to organize production, and Panjin, Dongguan, Zhenjiang, Chengdu, Xinzheng, Jintang and other oil bases resumed work rapidly. The sales department actively contacted dealers and feed factories, closely followed market changes, and ensured stable market supply. At present, the distributors of COFCO oil have sufficient stock, stable market supply and sufficient finished products to ensure market supply.

Among them, in the Hubei Branch of China grain storage Co., Ltd., there are more than 10 million tons of central authority grain in stock, including 2.65 million tons of wheat and 7.35 million tons of rice, which can meet the demand of more than 60 million people in Hubei for more than half a year based on one kilogram of rations per person per day. If combined with other grain stocks of the whole province, it can be used for more than one year in the whole province. At present, all levels of government reserves, including Wuhans emergency rice reserves, can start using plans at any time and put them on the market.

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